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Let’s Meet and Greet…and….Featured?



From two months and half  almost three months of my Blog activity, I’ve reached many lovely followers, very inspiring and creative people Artists of all kinds, Writers, Musicians, Photographers, Travellers, Designers and more…many of you are very active and became blogger friends, we have daily interactions sharing thoughts opinions ideas and learning from each others, all this is so wonderful to me.
I call this Blog my “Window to the world” if wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have chance to meet great people from all over the world and share my Art with them.

Life of Courage and Truth
Life of Courage and Truth

THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart to all of my followers, and to the new one coming. I am very impressed to see the beautiful growth of this Blog and I know that this is only the beginning. I am very motivated and encouraged from all your beautiful comments.

So… today let’s Celebrate with a MEET and GREET Session!

Many of you got to know each other already by following this blog and each others blogs, WordPress it is a great community. There are very talented and inspiring people I am sure that there are many other amazing Blogs out there that we don’t know.

You are invited to look inside this Window and let the world know about your Blog. You can do that in the Comments. Please post a link to your Blog or to your last post or whatever you want.

New wonderful blogs can be discovered, read and scroll the comments and please check out blogs that you don’t know! Connect leave comments!  🙂

Let’s not miss this chance! 🙂

I have one more GREAT plan for this event and…

this “Saturday June 20″ one of you that I will choose between everyone that post a link, would be Featured here on YesterdayAfter with a post and your blog will be on my side bar Widget “Great Blogs”  for 1 week!

How I will choose? Well Impress me with a nice link 🙂

Don’t wait! Good posting everyone 🙂
Ciao, Bye Bye, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Farvel….


89 thoughts on “Let’s Meet and Greet…and….Featured?”

  1. Thank you for opening your window to the world and let the world gather at your beautiful WordPress island. This is such a lovely and thoughtful idea to make others seen and give them a chance to connect and introduce their blogs. I love every kind of support and this one is so beautitul. I would love to simply link to my latest post. Perhaps it inspires someone. “Hope vs. Desperaton”
    Thank you again, Carolina, for being such caring part of the community! I am glad I found you.

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  2. Thanks for the invitation I love this idea. I wrote a post a while ago about the art of glow giving. It was based on a book by Bob burg where he describes the power and giving as a way to receive. I think we’re all here trying to seek an audience to connect with other people so this is a wonderful way to do that. I’m sharing my latest post about the gift of loving yourself. I wish you and all your readers the best.

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  3. That’s so nice of you to give others the opportunity to share and connect with others! Thank you!
    For those of you who would like to read a teenager’s thoughts and ramblings, my blog’s the place for you.
    I hope I find some inspiring bloggers with similar interests. Thank you once again!

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  4. Hey Carolina! I will go blog shopping when I have some time this weekend to check all these lovely people out! 🙂

    I am a creative writer with soooo much booming in my brain that it just flows out into words with humor, pics and real life rants, stories and more that you can relate to. Still with me? Okay 😀 I also have a story I created with a 10 year old that we hope will be huge one day.

    Here is my blog! 🙂

    Hope you stop on by! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. AN awesome idea! I am late to the party, but let me find a suitably interesting post…

    My blog is mostly photo based (generally from my cell phone now), and has come to revolve around our renovation project. my writing projects, ad occasionally some art work (I don’t have time to draw as much now as I used to).

    I’ll leave this open and check out the other blogs tomorrow (It’s 3 AM here and I need sleep, LOL!)

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  6. Hi Carolina, How lovely to discover your blog, it’s really good. Fantastic that you have achieved so much in a short space of time.

    What a great idea to ask others to share their blogs here. I look forward to discovering new blogs to follow.

    I love writing my blog although I don’t always have the time to write as often as I like. I hope you like what you find:

    Good luck everyone and thank you Carolina.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kindness! I am very pleased to see you here! I did visit your blog and it is great and very nice! You are doing a beautiful work! It is always interesting to interact with other artists. Thank you for posting your link and I hope that you will stay connected and in touch I am looking forward on getting to know you better 🙂

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  7. The blogging community feels so warm and fuzzy with these great posts. Makes me feel like I’m part of a club 😉 I’m addicted to digital photography and I write 50 word stories around my pics. Please take a look and consider following. And if you do follow, please be interactive and leave comments. The best part of a blog is its interactivity and it’s the part I look most forward to 😉 thanks again for the opportunity.

    You can find my blog at and my latest post is here:
    Thank you 😉

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    1. Thank you Mark…Is never late I plan to do more Meet and Greet and Feature awesome Bloggers like you let’s stay connected! I follow your Blog so I can see your post in the reader if you do the same it would be great!


  8. Hi Carolina, thanks for liking my comment on the network, which in turn has enabled my connect with your wonderful world of art and antiques. I am an antique myself, and so look forward to the privilege of being salvaged, up-cycled and renewed in your artistry…best wishes.. Raj.

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