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Meet and Greet…Who would be Featured Tomorrow????

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Hello everyone,
A new Meet and Greet Session here!

Many of you my great and amazing followers already know and are participating to my weekly
“Saturday Featured Session”
It is already many weeks that on Saturdays after a Meet and Greet session, I choose a Blog and Blogger to Feature, Introduce and expose here on YesterdayAfter for one week on my side bar

in a Widget named: You Are FEATURED! Great Blogs!

I am very thankful to all of you for the participation to make this a very successful weekly event.
I love to share my space and success to highlight Blogs that I admire.
I love to give space,  introducing and helping new ones to expand their horizons and motivations.

Please if you want this chance leave a comment here or a link to one of your post  🙂

Saturday tomorrow for me….we will see who is next! Stay connected… 😉


5 thoughts on “Meet and Greet…Who would be Featured Tomorrow????”

  1. Such a nice thing to do. And, an honor for anyone to get chosen. I know it would be for Enlightenment Angels. I as well am I terested in sensing you a photo to have you put your special touches and designs on it in which to share on my blog as well. Please let me know the process. Have a great weekend hun. Always with light and love, Enlightenment Angels.

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    1. Oh thank you for your kindness this is week # 10 that I am hosting this wonderful Meet and Greet and Featured event and is going so great many beautiful Blogs! It become very hard to choose every week only one that’s why I keep going with this event! I am so honored that you’are interested in my work and design. I would be happy to create something for you with your photo you can send me a Custom Order with your idea and I will get back to you and explain what to do you can contact me using this form
      Thanks 🙂 Light and Love


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