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Haiku – Love

Be like Water


Happiness floating in the air

a smile your eyes two heartbeats

a word named love.



Haiku & Photography
©Copyright Carolina Russo

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From Zero to 15’000 – Some Thoughts on Building Community…

= Love

A wonderful post about Community from James Radcliffe, talking from the heart and soul just like his beautiful music! I wanted to share this because I can relate with it and because it is very motivational and inspiring!

Have a great Sunday!

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Music – EWIAN “The Last Poem”

This is another beautiful video and stunning song from EWIAN
the song “The Last Poem” is a sad story with beautiful touching words and dreamy music…

“You have lost your smile
You have lost your will to fight
a very long time ago
A very long time ago
The story in your eyes needs to be unfold
so that i can touch your grief, and make it faint…”

Album: Good Old Underground 2014


I hope that you enjoyed watching this video, if you did
please visit EWIAN 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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A blogger to know

Today I had a wonderful surprise from my blogger friend writer and journalist Romanus Ngobesing  from the Blog Success Inspirer he made my day with this surprise post! And I love to share it with all of you! Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you Romanus 😉

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My Poem on Ink and Quill…


Jennifer Calvert
 is the wonderful writer behind Ink and Quill  she had a lovely and thoughtful idea, wanted to support the work of her fellow blogger with great appreciation sharing Poetry.  Few days ago she posted Share a Poem on Ink and Quill  having an enormous response.

The post was an invitation from Jennifer saying to “share a link here of your favourite poem/s, which you have written or a poem written by a fellow poet. Or both!

I did participate and left the link of one of my Poems. Today she reblogged  my Poem “Emotions”  with precious and beautiful words she honoured me and many others.

Carolina from Yesterday After, words flow and warm my soul, ‘floating like cluster clouds in a sky of darkness and light.’ ❤️

stormy_sky Emotions


emotions chained
to words untold
floating like cluster clouds
in a sky of darkness and light

the storm was approaching
lighting were striking the heart
like stones breaking glasses

like in a lost dance over fire
following the song of my thoughts
holding a flower to protect

a desperate search for
a peaceful and silent shelter to rest

pieces of me were left there
in the dark with a white flower to hold
looking for a raising sun…


Poems and Digital Art
©Copyright Carolina Russo

Thank you Jennifer for your kindness and for this wonderful opportunity to be on your Blog with a Poem next your beautiful writings!

Please give Jennifer a visit on INK AND QUILL  and enjoy reading!
She was also one of my 2015  Featured Blogger of the week (the Featured event will come back soon) 😉

You can read more of my Poems on my Poems I write Page ❤


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Photography – A Stunning Element



Los Angeles – The Wiltern Theatre

a beautiful 1930 Art Deco’ architecture considered one of the finest examples in United States, salvaged and restored from neglect and decay it is a symbol of history and Art preservation for the City of Los Angeles. The theatre is located inside the green-turquoise  Pellissier Building you can read more about the interesting history here.

My photo  shows details of the stunning and dramatic element featured on the ceiling overlooking the box-office at the entrance. I love the angle I was able to capture and the lighting in contrast with the dark shade creating a beautiful effect of “chiaroscuro” it seems almost a monochrome. I love this photo and I hope you do to!

In June 2015  I had the privilege to attend a great concert in this beautiful venue, you can read my post “A Magical Evening of Guitars”. It was a wonderful experience for me as an artist to see the beauty of this historical theatre. The more I was looking around the more I felt I was back in time. As soon I walked inside the magnificent decorated oval-shaped lobby, I was imagining how many shows have been hosted in such great place during the 1930s and 40s until our days, all the amazing artists that have performed there. I could visualize all the people walking around the lobby wearing their fancy hats and fashionable outfits of that era.  The ceilings inside are amazing and all decorated with beautiful elements, over the walls there are shapes of beautiful flowers artistically painted. One of the most striking element of the interior design is a huge sunburst placed on the ceiling of the auditorium,  each ray is created as its own Art Deco skyscraper. I was there attending a modern Rock Concert having the feeling to be in an old-fashioned historical venue, where I was back in time and into the modern era at the same time, it was amazing! I felt a great vibe. My native country is Italy, I grow up surrounded by the most amazing Art and architecture  hundred and hundred of years of Art history are still alive throughout the magnificent buildings, sculptures, paintings on almost every city in Italy because it is very important to preserve and salvage our Art. I am glad that The Wiltern Theatre is an example of preservation here in US and for sure it is a place to visit in Los Angeles if you interested in Art and Architecture and nonetheless a great vibe-filled and intimate venue for great concerts.

I hope that you enjoyed my photography and this post!
There is any special Art-preserved place in your city?
Feel free to talk about it in the comments!

Thank you for sharing 😉


Copyright 2016 ©Carolina Russo –


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Haiku – 5.7.5 – Trace




A pen is tracing words

on a paper expression of your soul

writing is liberating a trace



Haiku 5.7.5
©Copyright Carolina Russo

(Photo source Google search)

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The Cure “Lovesong” performed by Adele

The Cure is one of my favorite band they created this beautiful song “Lovesong” I love the music and the lyrics and the way the Original song sound!
I found this version performed greatly by Adele I hope that you enjoy this moment while listening!

Wish you all a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤

“Love is the center of everything” – ©CR

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Artist to Artist Talk…SketchBooks!

Dragonfruit pink Flower copy
Ink & Watercolors

Today I am going to share tips, inspiration and insights for creative minds and inspiring spirits and I know there are many of you out there.  I like to help you to get inspired and nurture your creativity to create more of your great work during your artistic journeys.

©Magny Tjelta

SKETCHBOOKS are something essential for the evolution and growth of every artist or creative spirit.

Swirl Earrings Sketch
Swirl Earrings Sketch

You can use  sketchbooks for different purposes and if you are someone like me that likes to express and experiment with creativity in different ways, then, you want to have many of them in different sizes and paper weight, to use with any kind of media you like to work with.



Always have a sketchbook for storing ideas to develop later on and always keep one with you in your bag wherever you go. I also use one for my Poems and Haiku. Sketching is something that I always did since very young age. I always loved to doodle around on any paper I had on handy, also on paper napkins if that was the only paper available…lol
Well when an inspirational idea comes you have to be able to grab it or would be gone forever!
During my years of Art School I used to sketch a lot for Jewelry Design and for other art projects, at that time also I did lots of Fashion Design sketches which I still love to do.

Realistic Eye
Realistic Eye Sketch

I had a nice and inspiring conversation about the use of sketchbooks with my dearest friend Norwegian Artist Magny Tjelta from the beautiful BlogA Journey Into The Magic of Creativityplease give her a visit her art is beautiful!

©Magny TJelta

I was reading one of Magny latest post about Sketchbooks ideas and I had a question, which I believe many of you has when comes the time to organize your creative thoughts, so I left my question in her comments and here it is…

Hi Magny, talking about Sketchbooks I like to prompt a question here that will help others and inspire…You have beautiful sketch books! Do you have all your sketch books categorized and dedicated by subjects? Or do you just mix different subjects on each page?

Magny TJelta:
Hi Carolina,
What a great question! Sketch books are very important for developing skills, capturing ideas, trying out new things and lots more.
Firstly I have to admit that, as an artist I am always looking for bargains, and when I see a sketch book at a good price, I can’t resist buying it. I don’t always know what I will do with it, but I always have several sketch books that I am working on at any one time.
I always have one that is for “anything and everything”. I will pop this one in my bag if I am going out with no particular purpose.
I have another that is to help me push my boundaries. It is for 15 minute sketches or paintings of whatever I happen to be looking at. I will use this one at a cafe, or sitting on a bench in the park or even while I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick up my daughter. It means that even the “taxi-mom” journeys can be productive.
At the moment I also have one that is just for flowers, one for travels and holidays, one for faces and perhaps my favorite is my sketchbook for wishful thinking and dream holidays that was made from an old poetry book.

Thank you Magny for this beautiful answer to my question. I see that we do pretty much the same thing! LoL I love to buy sketchbooks anytime like you and I have many! Every occasion or sale is good to get one more…lol

Rose Quartz_mpearl earrings
Earrings Sketch

I find it very inspiring to share with others and I have a question for YOU ” how do you use your sketchbooks?” I really would like to know. I love to hear from you. I’m always pleased and interested nonetheless surprised with the wonderful ideas and insights that my readers share. Please feel free to answer and share your thoughts in the comment space.

©Magny Tjelta

I wish you a great day and maybe  this post inspired you a little…
make good use of your sketchbooks and when they are new don’t be afraid of the blanc pages….


© Copyright Carolina Russo

I love to hear from you!
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Sketch Book – Design in progress

Swirl Earrings

“Among Nature” Jewelry Collection 2016 –
©Design by Carolina Russo

Swirl Earrings
Swirl Earrings Sketch