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Saturday Feature! Who would be next???

Hello everyone I can’t believe a week has passed…

Some of you already know that from last couple of weeks, I have been choosing one Blogger to be Featured
for one week on my sidebar >see Widget:  You are Featured! Great Blogs!

So far Souldiergirl and Erika Kind have been the first 2 Amazing Bloggers to be Featured!
Who would be next???

It is time again, to leave a link to your Blog in the comments especially if you are new, because tomorrow I will choose one Blogger to be Featured for this week so…stay tuned!!!

There are many interesting and great Blogs that I Follow and I love, and during this week I came across some great new ones! I  will surprise some of you during the coming weeks, each Saturday I will choose a New Blog to be Featured…

Stay Connected, Follow and be Active here!

Have a wonderful and Happy 4th July for all of you in USA….  and I wish a great weekend to everyone else in the world! 🙂

(Flags Photo found on Pinterest)

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