Short Stories

Image Jean Cooke – Camden Art Collection – London

Memories of Happiness

Today I was tired to be at home, it was a sunny day and despite to the cold breeze I enjoyed my daily walk near the ocean. I love to hear the sound of the breaking waves and breathe the mist into my heart. The sun rays were strong on my pale skin. I felt the burn on my nose, I forgot to wear the sunscreen. I am glad I was wearing my vintage hat, the one you gave me long ago during our vacation on the French Coast. So many memories are kept year after year, painfully twisted in each straw of this simple hat. I will never forget the look you had when you gave your hat to me, you wanted me to have it and insisted when I refused. You wanted to protect my pale fragile skin, you said I needed. The happiness in your heart was shining deep into your eyes like the will to share it with me forever.
Today in this sunny day I find myself seat here alone and empty. What really happened? I never knew. At times, my mind just travel throughout the broken branches of my life. I find myself thinking and wandering like in this moment, that I am tired and seat here alone in between people. I am turning the pages of a book never fully written and I still don’t know where the happiness of our days went. My thoughts are dark like the yarn of the sweater I am wearing I feel warm on the outside but inside my heart is very cold. I remember the day I found your note on the table, only few iced words “I need to go” that changed my life forever. What really happened, I never knew until at this moment, when I am staring at you.


First Published on  Anthologie Press on 06/12/2016

Short Story ©Copyright Carolina Russo


Deep Water - Digital Art ©Carolina Russo
Deep Water – Digital Art ©CR

Deep Water

Surrounded by the blue deepest water. The reflections of floating emotions, loaded the mind and body in a fearless state. Tranquillity and silence flying through the broken branches of a life experience, were glowing under the warm sunlight. Suddenly warm rain drops of happiness joined the deep water becoming one.


First Published on Literary Press on 06/03/2016
Published on on 08/06/2016

50 words story ©Copyright Carolina Russo


Golden Aura
Golden Aura – Digital Art ©CR

Golden Aura

The bright golden aura was  expanding through the darkness of clouds lighting up the sky. Unconscious awareness of an awakening soul was swimming through the thirst of truth. Climbing stairs of universal love, finding peace and happiness into a raising moon.


50 words story ©Copyright Carolina Russo


Oaks – Digital Art ©CR

Inner Voice

The calming sound of nature was only interrupted by the noise of my steps hitting the ground walking up the hills following an unknown trail. Suddenly the thoughts  in my mind were freed and unlocked while breathing wilderness in the wind. Let go was the insistent inner voice I was hearing.


50 words story ©Copyright Carolina Russo
Image by Alain Manesson Mallet

Poignant Pondering

While cluster clouds were approaching invading the blue sky, the women were standing pondering. I can see the poignant feeling under her veiled face, her teary eyes barely seen.
I can feel the sorrow looking at her. In the wind the smell of the coming storm was intense already, also if the sun was still shining. I knew she was pondering her decision to leave.


First Published on Literary Press on 05/10/2016

65 words story ©Copyright Carolina Russo


I love to hear from you!
I love to hear from you!

©Copyright Carolina Russo

All the Images, Photography and Digital Art used to illustrate are my own or otherwise stated.


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