I hope that my creativity and Art shared on this Blog will motivate and inspire you during your artistic journey. Art is a wonderful form of expression that allow me to express my soul through colors, shapes and forms while freely painting nature through moody landscapes, or faces that express feelings without words. In hope with each painting to reach out many hearts and deepest souls. I love what I do, is my passion and is my life. I have discovered my artistic talent when I was a child and it never left me, only improved over time, you never stop learning. I am happy to share all my creations with the world in hope to inspire you. ❤

These Are My Motivational Do’s:

Make time for your work daily
Enjoy the process fully
Allow yourself to explore techniques and styles
Allow yourself to do mistakes, you learn from them they are valuable to your artistic growth
Have an open mind
Be Perseverant
Be Patient
Be Positive
Be Inspired
Be Fearless
Where your focus goes energy flows like the colors that bleeds in the water
Set your Intentions before painting
Practice I AM Affirmations
Listen within you and shine your light
Smile when you’re stressed and leave your painting alone for awhile
Look around you for inspiration
Let the Universe and Nature inspire you there is not a greater Masterpiece for you to get inspired from
Share your work and creativity in any medium you express yourself
Connect with other Artists
Help to inspire others especially beginners
Celebrate always when you’re happy! When your creations turn out as you wanted Be Happy!
Love every painting good or bad
Love your Art because it is YOU!

Never Give Up!

Thank You!

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