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Your Art as TATTOO? What to do when you get this request

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My Artworks as TATTOOS

Lately I have received an increased number of requests from people that like my art asking permission to use my artworks for a tattoo. I am happy that people like my Art as much to decide to have it permanently inked somewhere on their body.  I consider this request a great and wonderful honor, I am thrilled and humbled that someone is thinking to use my existing paintings or illustrations for their tattoos! Well, as visual artist this open another window into my art. I love tattoos and  this is the opportunity with this post to inform and talk about a few important things. What to do with a request like this? If you’re an artist, or, if you are the person interested to get the tattoo.  There is something very important to be aware of, and is that people cannot just save an image of an artwork over the internet and take it to the Tattoo Shop to  have it tattooed. Some Tattoo artists only works on their own custom creations and most of all they do not copy another tattoo artist work. They are a bit more open when you bring your favorite visual artist work to be recreated having the permission from the artist. So, what to do then?  There is a mutual respect of the Copyright  between a tattoo artist and a visual artist, no one wants to do a “Copyright Infringement” while recreating without permission an existing artwork that is not custom created by the tattoo artist you choose but created by another artist. Then, not everyone knows that if you’re going to bring your favorite artist artwork to have it tattooed it’s needed the artist “Permission”. All you need to do is to obtain your permission in advance, by contacting directly the artist, or find out if he/she sell a Tattoo Pass/Ticket on their website or shop. What is a Tattoo Pass or  Tattoo Ticket? Artists sell the permission letter to use their artwork as tattoo often nothing is shipped and they send a downloadable PDF for you to print. When you purchase the Pass or Ticket, it’s your kind way to pay and support the artist work and art.

About me, I have been thinking at a nice way to grant my tattoo permission to who is interested. I have created and released my TATTOO Permission Pack!
My Pack includes the personal permission letter and a beautiful hand enhanced print of my artwork you want to be tattooed.

I really appreciate if you ask permission in advance is a great act of support and kindness!
I own the Copyright of my work as Artist ©Carolina Russo any unauthorized reproduction or use without my written permission is in violation of the U.S. Copyright law.
I am happy to grant you a Tattoo Permission for my Artworks to be inked, but before you go on, there are few details that you need to know, please make sure to read my Tattoo Policy.

Tattoo Policy:
1) If you love my Art please consider to support my work by buying (prior getting the tattoo done) my TATTOO Permission Pack  price is $55 + free shipping, which includes the written Permission a 5×7 inch print of the artwork you choose to get tattooed. My prints are hand enhanced and signed by me it would be a great reference piece for the Tattoo Artist and in the end for you to have my art in your home. This is the best way to support my work in a respectable and honest way. The print pack comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, the Tattoo’s Permission that allow you to get my artwork tattooed (it includes your name) Permission and image cannot be shared with someone else for another tattoo each Permission it’s personal.

2) Please use a reputable and serious Tattoo Artist and bring my “Permission Form” with you because a serious tattoo artist will ask for it. Do not alter, transform or manipulate my image in any way, the only option I allow is to accommodate you if you want the tattoo to be in “Black Shading” instead of my original colors. In that case you have to let me know when you purchase your Permission Pack.

3) When the Tattoo is done if  you share photos on social media please Tag me on Instagram @carolinarussoart  I love to see it and share it too! Always whenever you share images of the tattoo please give me credit as the artist that created the original artwork and credit your tattoo artist too, also ask your tattoo artist to do the same if photos are shared.

TATTOO Permission PACK $55 Free shipping
For who is interested you can purchase it here on the Blog just click on the PayPal Buy Now button at bottom of this page or if you prefer  you find it also in my ETSY Shop
Please when you order let me know which artwork do you need, leave a note in the comments box during the payment transaction. If you have any questions prior your order please Contact me!  I have added a new page in the Menu here on the Blog where you can always go back easily and be able to purchase at anytime the Tattoo Permission Pack

TATTOO Permission PACK $55 

Thank You!
Thank You!

Copyright 2020 ©Carolina Russo –




7 thoughts on “Your Art as TATTOO? What to do when you get this request”

  1. This is awesome, Carolina! I had no idea there was so much involved and am happy that you have set up a way to make your artwork a win-win with the tattoo recipient and artist. What an awesome compliment that someone wants to “wear” your art forever!!

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    1. Thank you Carol and yes is a great compliment and honor when someone ask you if they can have your art tattooed! And as you can see there is so much involved! I made my researches in the field and decided to write this post to inform and educate who doesn’t know much about it and for you all artists friends, is good to know in case someone will ask you the same question! ❤ 😉

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