Once in a while….
I love to Interview inspiring, creative and talented people who I discovered somewhere around and their work and them had a strong impact on me. Sometimes, great things happens and wonderful connections develops. My freelance work lead me often to great Collaborations and talented people I like to interview. I had the opportunity to do Interviews and Feature already Independents Musicians, Bands, Artists and Writers so far. I am always there to support the art and work of passionate talented people, especially if they are like me, “Independents Artists of Art and Music” and Self-Published Authors. Independent artists of every kind are on their own and we need all the support we can have and give to each other.

❤ Please support Independent Artists they work very hard, there are many ways to do it: share when you can, leave comments they are so important and motivating, shop their art or what they create, your purchase will support them fully helping to keep doing what they love, because there are amazing talents out there and they need to be discovered!
My interviews are also my way to share helping to connect and open doors, to support, motivate and to inspire others ❤

Here below on each photo you find the links to the direct Posts of my Interviews:

Angels – Digital Art ©CarolinaRusso

February 2019

Poetry – My Interview with Author and Poet Sylvester L. Anderson

Digital Art Portrait – Viktor Nordir – ©Carolina Russo

September 2018

Music – My Interview with Viktor Norðir

The Curse Of Time #1 Bloodstone ©MJ Mallon – Illustrations and Photos ©CarolinaRusso

May 2018
AuthorInterview with MJ Mallon

James Radcliffe – Digital Portrait ©Carolina Russo – Photos ©James Radcliffe

February 2017
Music – Interview with James Radcliffe

Ewian Christensen – Digital Portrait ©Carolina Russo – Photos ©Nataly Zibert

December 2016
Music – Interview with Ewian Christensen


A special thanks to everyone that accepted my invitation to do an interview!
Thank you, I am so happy to be able to do this together and inspire others in their endeavors.
Wish you all the best during your creative journey, keep up with your amazing work and always be an inspierer, never give up and follow your dreams!

Thank You!

All the Digital Portraits are my own creations, you can see more of my custom work Here

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

Carolina Russo Shop

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