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When Bloggership Meet…We Did!!!

California 2015
A Wonderful Experience!

And we finally met in California
on November 6 2015!


Blogger Girls1 copy
From left: Corinne, Carolina, Erika, Marissa


On Nov 5th I announced in my post “When Bloggership Will Meet” that something very special was about to happen and it truly happened we have met here in California with Erika Kind, Marissa Bergen, Corinne and Me!!! We had great time and it was so wonderful to meet the beautiful ladies behind their Blogs! It was indeed an emotional and beautiful day fulfilled with joy and happiness being able to hear our voices and hug each other. We had lots of smiles and sharing about us, this time not behind a keyboard ❤

Our meeting venue was at this STARBUCKS COFFEE!

We had lovely sunny weather

While sipping a delicious Peppermint Mocha one of my favorite, we enjoyed our great time together talking a lot, and laughing a lot like friends that know each other from years and years, it was amazing how we all felt the same beautiful way!
Erika is a wonderful soul and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet her in person since she live in Europe!
Also Marissa and Corinne are such wonderful ladies but they are here in CA and we may have more chances to get together again!

Blogger Girls

Thank you Erika for your visit to California and the idea of this meeting. A fantastic opportunity for all of us. We hope to repeat this again soon and we are looking forward to your next visit to California.
I am so glad that we have been able to make this happen and we all will keepsake such great memories of this beautiful day fulfilled with happiness, joy and new friendship!

Beautiful things truly happens from my heart to yours…
in Love and Light



©Copyright Carolina Russo

120 thoughts on “When Bloggership Meet…We Did!!!”

  1. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    We had a great gathering on Friday. I am blessed to be connected with such wonderful people. I knew they were wonderful, but reality is much better. I will do a big post some time next week about my two weeks in the states. For now, a big thank you and a huge hug to Linda, Kruti, Phyllis, Carolina, Marissa, Corinne, and Lorna (we will meet next time for sure) I am happy to call you my friends. I love you all lots!!!!

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  2. Carolina, this is such a beautiful post. You totally convey the excitement we all spread during our meeting. It is true, it felt like a meeting between old friends. Thank you so much for your amazing kindness. Whenever I am back in Cali Inwill let you and the others know. Much love and big hugs, dearest Carolina 💖💖💖
    Sitting at the gate right now while writing this comment… 😢

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    1. Erika I guess you’re about to land at home now or you already did! Thank you for everything and I am happy that you like this post and that I have been able in a way to express in words a little bit of what we all felt during our beautiful meeting. I am looking forward to your post now! Much love and hugs ❤

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      1. It was too good not to. I am still smiling.
        I actually stopped commenting to read it
        I have found over 50 messages I have not seen . Just in the last 2 weeks
        Many came in WHEN I WAS ON HERE. They never showed up anywhere. Not even in my SPAM. I was getting discouraged because I wasn;t get as many comments from those of you that I usually do. So I went looking.

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  3. This is so sweet Carolina. Thank God for you four – Carolina, Erika, Corinne and Marissa. You are all adorable. Thank you for sharing such joy. You write beautifully too. Many blessings to you; and may you four friends continue to share your light.

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  4. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    This goes beyond creativity, this is being passionate about what feels right..
    This should give a few of us, the real intent to blogging; making new and special friends and staying true to them..
    I thought this was worth sharing

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  5. Saw you Komal’s website, and I am so glad I read your article. I could feel how amazing it is to meet up with people whom you connected with from behind the keyboard! Wish I could do the same – unfortunately, am at the other side of the Planet! Keep shining, and spreading the love!

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    1. Hi Jessica thank you for visiting my Blog and reading my post! Yes we met last November 2015 it was an amazing time a beautiful experience it felt like we knew each other like old friends! I wish a great day and hope that you will visit again! 🙂


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