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stormy_sky Emotions


emotions chained
to words untold
floating like cluster clouds
in a sky of darkness and light

the storm was approaching
lighting were striking the heart
like stones breaking glasses

like in a lost dance over fire
following the song of my thoughts
holding a flower to protect

a desperate search for
a peaceful and silent shelter to rest

pieces of me were left there
in the dark with a white flower to hold
looking for a raising sun…


©Copyright Carolina Russo

44 thoughts on “Emotions”

      1. It was my pleasure. You write so well 🙂 Thank you. Please do. I m a beginner. I started blogging quiet recently. Maybe you could help me improve? 🙂

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      2. Thank you and welcome to the amazing Blogosphere this is a great community! Stay connected I am very happy that you found me! I also host Blogs events every Fridays I have the Meet and Greet where you can leave the link to your Blog others can discover you and you can make new friends. Check the home page of Meet and Greet Fridays you find it on my menu! Wish you wonderful time here! Carolina

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