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Memories from the Ocean…


“AMONG NATURE” Jewelry Collection
©Design Carolina Russo

From the ocean copy
Unique one of a kind Keepsake Jewelry “Memories From the Ocean”

From the ocean5
Today I am going to share my new design and unique creation.

“Memories from the Ocean” Necklace

This beautiful necklace is part of a new concept I am launching here.
This concept is about creating unique Keepsake Memories Jewelry with found objects.
I love bringing to life unique jewels created with objects found in our precious nature.

From the ocean2
For this necklace I used beautiful found  from the Ocean. Drift wood, fossil seashells, red coral and pieces of seashells smoothed and shaped from years and years of ocean’s erosion. The beautiful uniquely shaped piece of driftwood, was, what inspired me to make this statement necklace right at the moment I found it on a beautiful California beach.  I left the wood natural just like I found it, I didn’t want to add any oil or wax because the wind and waves did their beautiful work of natural art.

From the ocean3
Whenever I go, I am always looking out for interesting pieces of nature, treasures to keepsake and add to my collection for my art and creations. This way every design it is One of a Kind and I love that!

Memories Necklace2 copy 2
I used Copper wire left natural and not oxidized, so that the time will create the natural patina on it. I created three hanging pendants with pieces of Red Coral, Amazonite and Agate gemstones, three different faceted Crystals, yellow citrine, smoky and clear, a fossil seashell piece with a natural hole and an Abalone piece. This combination of pieces is beautiful and the gemstones color perfectly remind the ocean water. I wrapped the copper wire to the driftwood following the natural curves and holding the pendants. A tan color flat suede adjustable leather cord is the finishing touch for this unique necklace.

All my Jewelry Designs are single pieces created to have a life and standing on their own beautifully in their unique and unexpected combination of natural elements. My work is made as Custom Order can be purchased and Ordered here on this Blog or on my Etsy Shop.

I also accept custom orders creating a “Keepsake Memories Jewelry” a design piece with your own special memories or found objects in nature or not. If you are interested don’t hesitate to Contact me.

From the ocean6

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and as always I love to read your comments! ❤
Thank you for sharing my Art!



“Keepsake Memories Jewelry” Design
©Copyright Carolina Russo

40 thoughts on “Memories from the Ocean…”

      1. Ahah right! And more it is wearable all year. I love this to be able to make beautiful jewelry out of found memories during happy times. If you ever find a beautiful stone or whatever keepsake during a vacation, remember you can make an awesome gift surprise to your wife! I do custom orders 😉

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    1. Thank you Janell I am happy that you like the necklace yes I love the driftwood I found the piece was perfect for my idea I wanted to use natural gemstone giving the idea and feeling the ocean. Thank you so much for nominating me I am really honored! 🙂


    1. I am so happy that you like it!!! Thank you so much! This necklace also looks very beautiful on is a true statement necklace. The piece of driftwood has a great shape and is about 4 inches long great to work on it with the copper wire and adding the 3 pendants. ❤


  1. Gorgeous jewellery! One thing I miss, living in Switzerland, is no beach combing – every chance I get when abroad, I’ll be walking along the beach with a basket. 🙂 The combination in your designs of Amazonite and coral are stunning.

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    1. Thank you! I love to combine beautiful gemstones with unespected elements from nature like the driftwood or pieces of fossil seashelles. I love the ocean. I am native from Italy moved to California 13 years ago I love here but..I miss the 4 seasons and the Winter 🙂 and what a coincidence, there is some Swiss in me My grandmother on my mother side was from Switzerland! I am happy to be connected with you! ❤

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