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Fields and Waters: Misty Stream

Misty Stream_s 

Welcome September!
This post will feature my two new paintings created during this week they are included in my new watercolor series.  This is “Misty Stream” a moody landscape with beautiful colors combined with a hue of purple and a light touch of gold.  I am really happy with it! 
I am currently working on a Collection of small intuitive watercolor paintings named “Fields and Waters” if you missed my previous blog post, you can read all about this upcoming Collection here
Today I like to share an up to date little video gallery I made, where you can see all the paintings created until now but the latest seascape which I will post it down below! I hope you enjoy!

Fields and Waters is a Collection of intuitive and meditative art that soothe the soul of the viewer through delicate colors emitting feelings of harmony. 
This series is inspired by the calming beauty found around us in nature. I am focusing mostly on landscapes and seascapes using two very important and powerful elements Water and Earth. 

Living The Now_s
This seascape is the latest I painted. The title is “Living The Now” size 3×9 inches. I like the unusual paper size, I have another paper same size ready to paint a landscape! 
Each Original painting of this series is unique and painted on a beautiful deckled edges 100% Cotton watercolor paper, hand cut and torn by me. In my opinion the raw edges adds a beautiful touch to this Collection.
I am painting this whole series mainly with a painting palette knife and a couple round brushes. Each painting is very special to me. 

❤ Upon release all the Original paintings would be available for purchase.
Original paintings are size 3×4.5 and 4.5×6 and 3×9 inches
If you have any question or would like to “Reserve” any of the Original paintings before the Official Release date, please send me a message for more details.

❤ Limited Edition fine art Giclee prints would be available! 

  • Limited Edition to 30 prints
  • Each print is signed and numbered out of 30.
  • Include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Release date is Coming Soon! 

 To stay connected and up to date Follow me on Instagram  @carolinarussoart 

Hashtag  #fieldsandwaters

Wish you a great rest of the week! 

Thank You!

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Fields and Waters

Awakening Path _s 

I hope to find you all well and that you’re having a lovely Summer. I can’t believe we are already at the end of August!!! I am doing well,  just I haven’t had time to post here on the Blog. Today I came to say hi to all my friends and followers and  to give you an update on what I am doing.
I am currently working on a new Collection of small watercolor paintings named “Fields and Waters” if you follow me on Instagram @carolinarussoart you already had a glimpse of it!
Fields and Waters Series_s
Fields and Waters is a Collection of intuitive and meditative art that soothe the soul of the viewer through delicate colors emitting feelings of harmony. I think at this time we all need peace and serenity in our lives.
This new series is inspired by the calming beauty found around us in nature, I am focusing mostly on landscapes and seascapes using  two very important and powerful elements Water and Earth.  
I have been painting places that appear in my memory or a representation of places I like near where I live here in Southern California. The ocean or a path where I go for my walks. 


Sometimes I paint what  is created intuitively by my soul, I don’t know  the location but I am sure they are somewhere in the Universe.
When I paint without any reference is what I love the most it is a form of meditation where all is quite and calm,  I let my soul and intuition guide my brush strokes… the water and color freely blends together, taking precious shapes that become alive on the paper creating together the outcome I love.


Each painting is painted on a beautiful deckled edges cotton watercolor paper hand torn by me adding a beautiful extra touch. These are small paintings size 4.5×3 and 6×4.5 inches, they look beautiful framed.4b86af69-0ffc-4b94-a57f-a0406ec9caec
Since today I have created eight painting so far. I am planning to paint a few more and then release the whole collection by the end of August or beginning of September.7ab0f446-2dcc-4941-b269-d80f0a7f0785
This painting title is “Perpetual”  the ocean, the water movement and fluidity, water is conscious and carries information supporting life on Earth.
I am painting this whole series mainly with a painting knife and a couple round brushes. I love to paint with the knife it creates beautiful shapes and effects with watercolor. 


❤ Upon release all the Original paintings from this Collection would be available.  I will also have Limited Edition fine art Giclee prints available! If you have any question or would like to “Reserve” one of the Original paintings before the official release date send me a message for more details.

I hope you loved to see a glimpse of this Collection, more paintings are coming soon!

❤    #fieldsandwaters

Have a great week! 

Thank You!


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A Gathering of the Tribe

Time ago  I came across this beautiful and intense short film by Charles Eisenstein and I love to share it with you here. If you haven’t seen it already please take ten minutes of your day and watch it. It’s very powerful it will touch your heart and emotions! ❤

“You Are Not Alone” 

I wish you all a great 2/22/2022

Thank You!
Thank You!

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Happy Thanksgiving!



To all my followers and blogger friends wishing a wonderful and serene Thanksgiving!
May Joy, Love and Gratitude fill your heart,

Shine Your Light Bright!

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

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Until the next post have great days!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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One year later…I am back!

Moria_Goddess of The Third Eye Mermaids

Happy November!
I am back… I hope to find you all well!  I can’t believe one year has passed since my latest post in October 2020. To all my dearest followers and blog friends, sorry I suddenly disappeared without say anything. Today I am checking in briefly to let you know that I am fine and all is well, I just took a long break from blogging. A needed time to recharge and look within, to stay balanced and focused.   I have been active posting my work only on one social media platform: Instagram,  some of you that follow me there knows and I thank you for your ongoing support. During this year, I have been painting, drawing and creating my work as usual. I have more new watercolor paintings to share with you from time to time in my future blog posts. At the moment I am working on my Christmas Art.
The painting featured in today post is my watercolor “Mermaid Moria” goddess of the third eyed mermaids, they have the ability to see beyond the veil of reality.

This painting is available as hand enhanced prints in my ETSY Shop

❤ Details about my painting:
 Supplies used for my watercolor Ink painting, ink pen used MICRON Black ink #005, dark Red ink #1.  Alvin Draft/Matic pencil #03 – French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,  Pentel Aqua Brush – I painted on Bee Paper 100% Cotton for watercolor 140lb, cold pressed, size 6×9 inches .

Follow me on  Instagram  @carolinarussoart

I love to know how are you doing? Share what you’re up to in the comments!
Until the next post,
hold to the light and open your heart!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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Tears In The Fire

Tears In The Fire – Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great start of the year!
I know lately I have been pretty quiet and didn’t post here on the Blog as much I’d like to. I took a break to recharge my creativity.  I didn’t know how to feel in this beginning of the year, there is so much going on in the world.

Today post is about the release of my new watercolor painting with the title Tears In The Fire this is my first painting of the 2020 and it is very special to me.
I feel so much sadness for the heartbreaking situation affecting Australia from months under the catastrophic wildfires that is destroying, animals, wildlife, natural habitats, and people.  Sidney University experts estimated that over 1 billion of animals has tragically perished it’s heartbreaking!

I gave the title Tears In The Fire because I can only imagine how much, tears, pain and suffering these beautiful animals are going through. My painting is dedicated to the wonderful Koalas 🐨 and to all the rescuers that are helping and caring daily for them to heal painful burnt paws and injuries and to all the other animals in desperate need of care surviving this horrific fire.

I hope that my painting can rise awareness and give a tiny contribution to support the wonderful Koalas and wildlife victims in this terrible time for them. I love all the animals and now they needs our help, together we can make a little difference in their recovery. Since I was a child I dream to one day being able to hold a lovely Koala in my arms! I hope I will one day! ♥️

Prints of my painting are now available for purchase as Open Edition signed and hand enhanced in size 5×7 and 8×10 inches please visit my >>  ETSY Shop

Tears In The Fire – Open Edition Prints from Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Fundraiser for Australia Koalas Rescue Bushfire relief I will donate
70% of the proceeds from the sale of this print! (The 30% left would be for supplies to make the prints I wont make any profit!).

I have decided to split the 70% between two great not for profit organizations they are doing an amazing job to save Koalas and wildlife animals and will continue to do so.
🖤 50% goes to Port Stephens Koalas   NSW – Australia
🖤 20% goes to WIRES Wildlife Rescue

NOTE: Each print is “Hand Enhanced” with inks is like a semi original you don’t receive just a normal print but it has my hand work on it!
Print is signed and printed one by one in studio by me on a beautiful paper, and looks great framed, the one in the photo below is mine I had to have it on my wall!
Prints are unframed but ready for you to add one.

Thank you in advance to anyone that decide to purchase this print your support for the cause is precious. I need your help or I can’t do this by myself! 🖤
So far only one print sold thanks to  Christiane a wonderful soul in Germany! 

Tears In The Fire – ©Carolina Russo

❤ Details about my painting:
Watercolor painting,  Ink drawing is outlined with ink pens. Fountain pen Pilot Prera fine nib.  Ink pens used PIGMA Micron Black ink #01 and 03, Micron dark red ink #1,  Alvin Draft/Matic #03 Limited Edition Pink Mab Graves Pencil.  I used  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,  Pentel Aqua Brush – I painted on Bee Paper for watercolor 140lb, 100% cotton, cold pressed.

Please visit my ETSY Shop if you would love to have a print of my painting and join me to help save these magnificent creatures!
❤ Feel free to contact me if you have any question Contact

For more of what I am up to daily, follow me on Instagram  @carolinarussoart

To all my friends and followers in Australia please be safe!
Have a great weekend everyone I will post updates, always thank you for sharing ❤

Thank You!
Thank You!

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Happy New Year 2020!


Have a wonderful and Happy New Year 2020!

New Year CAKE Italian Panettone – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo


Thank You!

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Happy Autumnal Equinox and Happy Birthday to Me!

Zodiac Sign: LIBRA ©Yuhon – Deviant Art


This year 2019
the Autumnal Equinox falls on September 23
I wish you all a wonderful Fall Season!
Today is September 23 the Zodiac turn in Libra and…it is…



I wish to myself a wonderful Birthday fulfilled with joy, happiness, light and love,
creating the journeys of my life one step at the time doing what I love,

with a never-ending creativity that will always
speak to others through my heart and soul

 – Carolina

INKTOBER-MabsDrawlloweenClub 2018
Inktober 2018 – Expensive Crown ©CarolinaRusso


Wish you all a great week!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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My New Poem “Magic” Published on Spillwords Press

YesterdayAfter Watercolor ©CarolinaRusso

Today is a very special day for me!

The submission of my new poem “Magic” has been  accepted and Published!

Is a long time that I haven’t posted here my new writings, I have been focusing primary on my Art,  watercolor paintings and illustrations but I did write once in a while when words suddenly appeared in my mind.

I am so happy  to have my poem “Magic ” first Published on Spillwords.com one of my favorite online platform and Literary Press,  sorry I haven’t submitted much lately. I am honored to be listed as one of their collaborative Authors for the English Literature category.  I always love to submit my poetry there!

Spillwords.com is an online Press
  home for all that live and breathe words, spilled or inspired, through literature of every genre, from writers and poets of every walk of life”.

❤ Here you can read my New PoemMAGIC

The poem is Illustrated with a combination of my watercolor paintings,  you will recognize my image since is used as the header of my Blog and I think fit my poem greatly. I love to see them both published together. My illustration is now available as Limited Edition Print in my Shop.

You can read all my poems published on my Spillwords Author Page  Carolina Russo 

I want to thank the editor for accepting my submission and publish my work. Thank you so much!

Please If you have the time head over Spillwords.com  check it out is a very interesting press where a variety of authors share their work you can have some good reading and the opportunity to submit your work too!


Thank you for reading,
let me know if you like my poem, does it speaks to you in any way?
Your comments are loved!

©Carolina Russo
©Carolina Russo

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Poetry – My Interview with Author Sylvester L. Anderson

Angels – Digital Art ©CarolinaRusso

My Interview with Author and Poet SYLVESTER L. ANDERSON

Sylvester L Anderson

Today I am very happy that I can finally share my New Interview!
I like to introduce you with my dear friend and long time follower of my Art and Blog my special guest is Author and Poet Sylvester L. Anderson also known in our Community Aka “Syl”  the name of his Syl65’s Blog I am really honored that he accepted to do this interview with me. Syl is a great soul and inspiring Author he writes beautiful poems, his flowing words are encouraging, motivating and filled with strength and positive energy. For some mysterious reasons it happens to read them just when you need them in your heart. Syl post daily on his Blog  his poetry, haiku, quotes and inspiring music he introduce his Blog with these words and verses….

Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire…..Isaiah 40: 31 But they who wait upon the Lord will get new strength. They will rise up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weak…”

I wanted to illustrate our interview with a mystical, ethereal and powerful image as Syl creative writings are. I think that my Digital Artwork “Angels” that you see above is just right because I see Syl like the encouraging and supportive  Angel in our Blog’s community. Since the day he started to follow my art and blog years ago, he is always there leaving encouraging and beautiful heartfelt comments which I appreciate very much.

Right now here are my questions, let’s get to know Syl better let’s get started! Enjoy the interview….

1. For who doesn’t know you and your Blog, can you please introduce who Syl is?

First, thank you Carolina for having me on your blog. I have always appreciated your art and creativity. Now, who is Syl? I am a poet, blogger and author trying to inspire and help others see that they do matter in this life. Aside from writing, I enjoy music (a part of my blog), movies and I’m always open to learning.

2. When did you discover your talent and love for writing?

I would say at an early age. I use to sing out these little rhymes I had made up and my very first poem was a mother’s day poem (to my mom of course). I was very shy growing up so writing was my way to express what was going on inside of me, especially in my high school years. For as long as I can remember I have been writing, whether it was extra little notes in birthday cards, writing down my thoughts, or poetry.

3. You have a beautiful way to create your poetry expressing your words giving beautiful messages, there is a superior presence in your poetry and you often mention God? How much he inspire and influence your creative writings?

Thank you for your words. I will say that I am a born again Christian. I have no denomination, I follow Christ and He is the center of everything I do. I believe I was blessed with a gift to write and I want to use my gift to inspire others. I want to share what God does for me on a daily basis and that is love me unconditionally. I am so very happy that it comes through in my poetry. That right there is my central purpose and also to entertain. If you can smile after one of my poems, then it’s all good.

4. Can you describe your writing process? Do you plan your writings or do you write whenever words come to you?

My writing process is simple. I think the only time I plan my writings is when I am doing my Monday Thought post or when I am working on a book. I do a lot of spontaneous, whatever pops into my head writing. When the inspirational spark hits I get to writing. Sometimes the words come like a flood, line after line, or I am writing down one line and see what comes from it. Also, I find photos to go with my poetry and many times I choose the photo first and write about what I see in it. The most important part of my writing process is not forcing anything. If it’s not there I don’t write. I write because I enjoy it, not because I feel I have to.

5. You published several Poetry Collections can you tell us about it? And where we can find them?

I have published four print books and two eBooks, all self-published. I will list them in order and where you can find them.

Life through Celestial LensesAmazon (print and eBook)
The Darkness, The Light and The GloryAmazon (eBook available at smashwords)
Heartspeak, God and LoveAmazon (print and eBook)
Soul EmbersAmazon (print and eBook)
33 In The Name of Jesus – smashwords (eBook)
The Sevens – smashwords (eBook)

6. What suggestion or advice can you give to someone who wants publish their poetry for the first time?

Poetry is expression, so write what you love, be authentic and be original. Amazon Publishing Services offers free publishing tools and guides to help you get published. You will be doing the work yourself as far as formatting and editing but it is worth it if you are looking to publish your poetry. Winning Writers is a website where you can find legitimate poetry/literary contest (also a great way to get your poetry published). You can also look for poet/poetry forums or writing communities. No matter what your goal is, do your research and don’t give up.

7. What is your creative Dream Project?

Wow, that’s a great question! I would like to do some type of visual/spoken word videos and take my poetry to another level. Another dream project is to do some spoken word in whatever audio format and I definitely do not mean me reading some poetry in this robotic tone, but something with some oomph to it. I don’t think we should put limitations on our creativity. Also, I am open to doing collaborative projects with any of my fellow creatives out there.

8.  I love to ask this question to everyone I interview because is personal and introspective, If you describe or picture your inner soul how will you describe it? And what color would it be?

I picture my inner soul as an observer, standing in the background, taking notes about what is going in and around me. My favorite color is black but I believe my inner soul would be blue. Blue has a calming, tranquil affect and I hope that I bring that type of peace and calm with my everyday presence. Another thing about the color blue is that when you look up and see a clear blue sky it looks never-ending, limitless. I believe we shouldn’t put a cap on our dreams or goals, not limit ourselves.

9.  This is my last question you are one of my long time followers and I can call you my friend I know by now that you like my art and I like to ask you what do you like about my Art? What do you see in my paintings?

I believe when I first started following you, you were doing these digital portraits and I was blown away immediately. Your art is so original has such a distinctive, vintage look and quality about it which I can say is your signature style. What do I see in your paintings? I get a sense of hope,  especially within the eyes of your characters. There is this good vibe flowing beneath what you put on canvas. Lastly, I see you, maybe it your facial features that show up but I see you. You are your art.
Thank you so very much for this interview, Carolina, and for having me on your blog. It was fun and very much appreciated.

Ectoplasma – Watercolor Painting ©CarolinaRusso


In conclusion of this Interview…. 
I am leaving you with one of Syl  latest Haiku – The Stars Are Speaking Again

A clear sky tonight
The stars are scattered just right
Speaking their language
Clasping your hand much tighter
Vivid in my mind




You can find  and follow Sylvester at:

WordPress Blog Syl65www.syl65.wordpress.com


I hope that you enjoyed the interview and to discover Sylvester L. Anderson.  I want to thank you Syl very much! I loved this opportunity and I wish all the best for you and for all your future projects!

And to you all I always love your comments, let me know what you think about this interview I know Syl  would love to read them!

❤ And if you like to read more of my previous Interviews to other talented and amazing souls check my Interviews Page


Until next time have a great weekend! ❤

Thank You!
Thank You!

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