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National DNA Day!

Self-Portrait - Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo
Self-Portrait – Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

Today for April celebration I am celebrating the National DNA Day!

For my daily watercolor I challenged myself like never before!!! I had to be able to draw my DNA which comes up to me in form of self-portrait!
The person depicted today is supposed to be me! ❤ You can give a look to my About me  page or my profile photo and see if my watercolor portrait is a looks-alike. My daughter recognized me soon already from my starting light pencil sketch. She was like wow! This is YOU!!!
Her reaction told me that I was on the right path!
I have to say that I never did my self-portrait before. I was too scared!  but today I tried and I am pretty pleased with the result and proud that I tried!
In the past I did lots of fashion design sketches and other figures but never myself!

Self-Portrait Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo
Self-Portrait Original Watercolor ©Carolina Russo

About the DNA what I can say more than we all have a unique one, and no one else can have the same as yours! Let’s Celebrate our uniqueness!!!

Details about my doodlewash:
 watercolor with brown and black ink finish pen. I used one of my favorite French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle 12 demi-godets half-pans travel metal box  and Pigma Micron Brown Ink pen #01 and #005 in Black ink over a Mixed Media  Sketchbook!

With this Celebration of National DNA Day, I am also join Charlie at doodlewash celebrating a National or International Day with a doodlewash!  You are welcome to join with your doodlewash!  Tag your image#doodlewashaday.

And I am also join Teresa at  Teresa Robeson’s #SelfieArt day


#doodlewashaday #NationalDNADay #SelfieArtday

Happy doodles and have a great day or evening!

©Carolina Russo
©Carolina Russo

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

54 thoughts on “National DNA Day!”

    1. Oh my goodness Charlie thank you so much! This was my first ever of myself. It seems turned out pretty good! Same as you! Btw yours is wonderful too very similar now we know that you have great blue eyes! Ahaha 😉 we need to celebrate portrait fear overcoming! lol 😀 Thanks!

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      1. Thank you I am glad! Yes is very, very difficult to draw yourself I never wanted to do it I was scared , but today I wanted to take this challenge I guess I was ready for it! It is very hard and feels like you’re overwhelmed, but today I did switch my attitute trying to forget that was me that I was drawing!

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  1. This is glorious, Carolina! I love it. I know what you mean about attempting a self-portrait. The process is actually confrontational. I mused on this in my attempt last month, which was the first time I joined the challenge. Good job on joining us! 🙂


    1. I know what you mean Yvette create your own portrait is something pretty scary this one was my first attempt I never made one before and I have been drawing almost all my life. I overcome the fear to self portrait because when I was drawing I had to forget that was me that I was drawing I had to look at my reference photo like it was just a figure and focusing on the facial features. 😉 but unconsciously I knew my features very well! I am very happy I made it and that I am joining you guys its’s very inspiring and lovely! 😉


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