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Tribal Necklace – Love and Clarity

– TRIBAL Jewelry Collection –

Love and Clarity Necklace – Tribal Collection Jewelry ©CarolinaRusso

This is one of my Jewelry creations, it is a necklace part of my Tribal Collection of Jewelry Designs.
I love to create unusual jewelry, with uncommon shapes and style, reminding the Tribal Talismans.
I named this necklace “Love and Clarity” because some of  the beautiful gemstones meanings.

Tribal Necklace -
Tribal Necklace – “Love and Clarity”

Positive energies are loaded in the natural gemstones and crystals as components of this organic necklace.


This necklace feature wire-work wrapped around the gemstones and to the suede adjustable leather cord.
There is a sliding Turquoise Centerpiece that allow to wear the necklace in different ways just moving it.

Tribal Love and Clarity
Tribal Love and Clarity

A sophisticated accent to the primitive Tribal look is given from the beautiful variety of gemstones –
Rose Quartz Beauty and Love – Blue Quartz Harmony and Clarity – Agate Strength and Acceptance –  Mother of Pearl  Protective and Calming –

Crystal Amplifies – Turquoise Courage and Protection.

You can see it on me, I have one for myself!
I wore it when I had a meet up with some of my dearest Bloggers friends here on WordPress as you can see,
the necklace has a unique look that can change moving the Turquoise center piece up and down can turn in a choker or in an asymmetrical necklace.

More similar designs would be created and added time to time to this beautiful collection, so far there are three designs, this is the second.
The first one was this the “Strength And Harmony” necklace,

Strenght and Harmony
Strength and Harmony

and there is also a third one part of this collection the latest created is the necklace “Love and Piece”.

Love and Peace

And the story will go on….

If you like one this is a Limited Edition only few would be made! For pre-order purchase read here if you want to purchase here on the Blog or go to my YesterdayAfter Etsy Shop 

Thank You!

Photography and Design by ©Carolina Russo “Tribal  Jewelry Collection 2017” –

37 thoughts on “Tribal Necklace – Love and Clarity”

    1. Thank you Erika yes the Turquoise 😉 I just updated the post because I remember that I wore the necklace I have made for myself, the day we met!!! Check the post again I added the photo of us to the post! 😉 ❤

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    1. Thank you Hira for your nice words and for stopping by my Blog and leave me a like to my Jewelry piece! Yes I made it I made many of them you can see my jewelry portfolio gallery! I love making jewelry but primary I am a visual artist I paint with watercolor and much more mediums…yes I am one creative mind that like to express art and creativity through different mediums…I hope you will be back and enjoy visiting my Blog! I will visit yours soon! Thanks again! 😉

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      1. I am following you for quite some time now :). Love your water colors. I really like creative people , especially one who dwell in colors. Thanks !

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I love to combine agate and coral because they looks great and beautiful together – Remember I do commissions and custom work, if you like some combination of stones, I can create the earrings for you! You just have to tell me if you like dangle earrings, hoop earrings, small or large earrings and the stones you like. If you are interested to purchase, I will create a design for you, I will show you a pencil sketch first to give you an idea…did you see the combination on the necklace named “Memories from the Ocean”? I can make earrings like one of the pendants they are beautiful! 🙂


      2. Hi I have made a quick sketch just to give you an idea for the earrings and I sent you an email with details! Sorry I sent you two emails because I forgot to attach the sketch to the first one! 🙂 I am looking forward to your reply! Have a great day!


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