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New Release: Esme – Bringing alive a character with a painting! Collaboration with Author MJ Mallon

Esme And The Mirror -Original Watercolor Painting by ©Carolina Russo – Portrait of Esme Inspired by the Book – “The Curse Of Time” #1 Bloodstone by Author MJ Mallon

Today I am happy to post about one of my latest collaboration and commission done during the month of August.
I have collaborated with British Author Marjorie J Mallon,  she is a novel’s writer and  a friend in our community here on WordPress.

She Blogs at MJ Mallon Author!

I always love to write the story behind the scene of  my paintings. A while back I was contacted by MJ, she is one of my lovely long time followers from overseas. She loves my Art and followed my World Watercolor Month Collection, created in July, a challenge featuring 31 paintings in 31 days. MJ was touched by one of my paintings, inspiring the coming idea. Explained in her message to me indicating that her new book Kindle Edition “The Curse Of Time” #1 Bloodstone was close to be launched on August 26, (yes it is already happened!) and that she would’ve loved to collaborate with me, asking if I could create a painting for her. A portrait to illustrate her fiction character “Esme” and a digital image to be able to share it online! The idea was very exciting to me, I love book illustrations and of course, I wanted to create this special portrait.  MJ gave me some interesting details about Esme, and enough was said that I let soon my creativity fly. I prepared a pencil sketch with my vision, MJ approved and I was ready to paint and bring the character alive. What a beautiful opportunity for both of us to collaborate while we are in two different countries, she is in UK and I am in US this is one side of the beauty of Blogging! Great connections can be made opening the doors of possibilities. I Blog from three years now and I had amazing connections and experiences. During this year is happened to me several times to collaborate and I love it.

While having our communications MJ gave me some interesting information and detail about what was important for her to showcase  in my painting.  Esme has long blond hair, the mirror, a face reflection, tears, a pink quartz crystal, a clock, and sunflowers + few more detail that I wont reveal to do not spoil her book! Not much I needed, to let my creativity and vision of Esme taking  shape. I had my vision and MJ loved it! As you can see on my painting I added all the elements she gave me ” Esme, the crystal and  the sunflowers are in foreground painted in a light delicate watercolor color palette that is in  contrast with the images in the dark background, the clock and the mirror that are representing the unknown and the darkness.

I loved to create this intriguing painting which I gave the title “Esme And The Mirror”  Esme is the name of one of the main characters in the book.  MJ mentioned in one of her Blog posts this quote: “The tears in her eyes convey her sadness but the golden hair of the mysterious girl facing her (no spoilers!) is bright and vibrant, suggesting hope.”  What a great message isn’t it? Well my painting represent Light and Darkness, Sadness and Hope.

Thank you so much MJ  for supporting my art with our collaboration and commission! I had the opportunity to create this beautiful inspiring Portrait for you bringing alive your intriguing character Esme and have my Art connected with you and your new book! “The Curse Of Time” #1 Bloodstone to know more about it give MJ a visit on her Blog this is the link to her Book Launch Party Post

Painting Release: The image of my painting isn’t included inside the book, but I am having a “New Release” here now!
First run of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints only #1/20 Prints are available for fans and collectors, fine art prints are numbered and hand signed by me!
If you like one for yourself or for a wonderful gift, the Print is beautiful, you can fully support my Art and  preorder – purchase your Print here on my Blog, read all the info about price and shipping on my page Shop Art Prints

Artist Details about the Original Painting:
My watercolor is outlined with black, white and brown ink pens. Gold pen Gelly Roll by Sakura. I used  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle, Ink pens used COPIC Multiliner Black ink #03 and 05 . A Alvin Draft/Matic Pencil #03 Limited Edition Pink Mab Graves.  Pentel Aqua Brushes – I painted on Bee Paper for watercolor 140lb, 100% cotton, cold pressed, size 6×9 inches .

If you like my Art
and would like to have a Custom Painting or Illustration from me, I am open to commission work if you have an idea
just Contact me and we can talk about it! 🙂

You can see more of my Paintings visiting my  GALLERY  there are several Galleries find  them in the drop down menu under Watercolors.

All my watercolor paintings are available for Pre-Order in Limited Edition Art Prints!  

Please follow me on Instagram  @carolinarussoart

What makes me happy is to give happiness and inspire people through my Art, give feelings to the heart and deep to the soul!”  – CR

I hope that you enjoyed this behind the scene story!
Wish you all a great week!

Thank You!
Thank You!

©Copiright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com



65 thoughts on “New Release: Esme – Bringing alive a character with a painting! Collaboration with Author MJ Mallon”

  1. Like you said, Carolina, this is the beauty of the blogging community. Meeting and having the opportunity to collaborate and create something special with a fellow blogger. Outstanding and congrats to the both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful portrait and collaboration on my character Esme, Carolina. Your amazing talent and lovely kindness shine through on every brush stroke. I’m so happy that we connected via blogging, distance as you mention becomes no object. Thank you lovely Carolina. Xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Marje your words make me very happy! I am so glad we connected and found the way to bring Esme portrait alive just in time for the launch of your book! I prepared the Print for you today, looks beautiful! I need to pack and will ship it Friday! You will love this portrait even more when you have it in your hand! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this painting, Carolina. Yes, this blogging world makes our world smaller and brings us closer to each other. It’s wonderful that you have this collaboration. I try to understand when you said the painting is not included inside the book. What happened?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you MiriamI yes blogging is a great way to bring people together! I am happy that you like the painting! Yes the painting is not an illustration that you can find printed as a page inside the book! Marje wanted a portrait of her character to show as an illustration for the launch of the book! 🙂

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  4. It is amazing that the blogging world opens so many options and new ways of unfolding our talents. So many inspirations and impulses here. You created something very beautiful. I love the idea how the mirror shows the real being. You are amazing! Congrats to both of you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Erika so much! Yes it is very beautiful how we can connect and collaborate to one another in wonderful ways, using our talents in very interesting and inspiring ways being an independent Artists things like this are very helpful and great! ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Colleen for deciding to follow my Blog! I appreciate it very much! I am an independent artists that love to express creativity with different mediums when I don’t paint or drawing, I love photography and I love to write 5.7.5 Haiku, 50 words stories and poetry when they are whispered to my soul! Few of them have been published on some online Press like Spillwordspress, Visual Verse Anthologie and last year I have participated to Poets For Peace! You can read my Haiku here:
      And my Poems here:
      I would love to know what you think about them! 🙂

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