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Art Vs. Artist 2022



This is my Art Vs. Artists 2022,
I like to share with you what this is in case you’re not familiar with it. The hashtag #artvsarist  is going on from years. I am not sure about the precise time, I guess this trend started among artists around the year 2016 on internet social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Some call it Trend, Challenge. It is actually a way for artists to quickly showcase images of their work along with a photo of themselves. In a nine squares grid, artists pick their best artworks from the current year and usually the spot at the center is used for a selfie. I think is a nice way to discover the artist behind the art a little spotlight that brings quickly all together. I did participate to this in the past few years and I find it nice to look back at the previous ones to see how my art and work evolved. This year my grid is filled with landscapes. I selected some new paintings from my upcoming Collection release  “Fields and Waters” and in the center a fun photo of me!
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This is also a great way to discover new artists. If you would like to participate showcasing your work and yourself, you can until the end of the year!  Easily find a template grid, I used the Layout App on my iPhone. When you created your 9 squares grid share it using the hashtags #artvsartist #artvsartist2022

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Have a wonderful Sunday and coming week!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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