Artist precious hands,
intensity and love givers.

Hands guided by a heart pulse,
forging and hammering metals,
holding precious stones.

Inspiration from the soul,
happiness  and art givers,
emotions in a motion of senses.

stroking brushes fulfilled with passion,
dripping water on white paper,
splashes of colors take forms.

Ink tears into the unknown
a creation is born.


15 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. From digital art, to jewelry, to painting, to poetry. A Renaissance woman! That was beautiful, Carolina. I was reminded of when Paul Simon sang ‘thanking the Lord for my fingers” in the song Duncan.

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    1. Thanks Rob! From when I was a child and discovered my creativity I loved to experiment many things what I can say I am a “Creative Spirit”…lol About poetry this one was the first I wrote in english I used to write poems in Italian…I hope it sounds nice what do you think? 😉


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