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Happy Anniversary! 13 years in USA and Anniversary for my Blog! ;-)

Los Angeles International Airport

Yesterday August 22 was my 13 years Anniversary here in USA I moved from Italy in 2002
and lived in California since then, I just wanted to share this with my WP friends also because yesterday was my Anniversary on WordPress a nice coincidence!


Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us.
Keep up the good blogging!

I had my Blog active on WordPress for about more than 2 years without posting anything!
I wanted to reserve my domain name since I love it a lot!
At the same time I was working on launching my Jewelry Designs Collections expanding my horizons.
I was only working on the graphics and designs to customize the Theme layout of this Blog reflecting my own creativity.  I wanted to launch it as soon I was ready, but no any word was ever posted also some life events slowed the process. Then one day almost 5 months ago it was the end of March, I decided to jump in and made a very small first post announcing the opening of my Etsy Shop.
I felt like I was a drop into the ocean, almost impossible to be seen in between the millions of other Blogs.
Then people started to discover my presence I was posting once in a while my Jewelry and Artworks and I got very nice feedback! As Artist I express my Art in different ways, my posts are not always about the same subject. I work with different media and my followers showed appreciation and love for my talents.
Also I decided to go around leaving comments, and not just stay here reading. I let people know how much I loved their work and they responded to me beautifully with kindred words and they started to follow my Blog recognizing me with Awards. I felt very honored for such a beautiful recognition.

Starlight Blogger Award 05/30/2015In May I also created my own Award to pass on  “The Starlight Blogger Award”  I launched this Award to highlight and Promote Inspiring Bloggers and I am so happy that the Award is going around the world a lot! Bloggers link to me and I have chance to discover new intersting Blogs.

Ten weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do something to give back to this beautiful Community starting my Meet and Greet Event  where every week I choose to Feature one Blogger and Blog that I admire and I am Inspired from, introducing  them to inspire others.

I felt very welcome here during those months I discovered amazing Blogs and Bloggers that are beautiful friends!
I am stunned and amazed about the fast growth it’s fascinating!
…..THANK YOU to ALL…..
each one of you made this happen with me!

I am very happy because our strength together it’s very powerful and encouraging to keep going for all of us…
Stay connected and support each other good things will come!


37 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! 13 years in USA and Anniversary for my Blog! ;-)”

  1. Happy Double Anniversary!!! I love this post! It is inspiring to hear the origin of creative endeavors such as yours. You have acquired an amazing following, and you have an exquisite business over on Etsy! I am so proud of your successes, and am fortunate to have you as a friend! Keep up the fantastic work, you are a delight to us all!

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  2. My heartfelt congrats, Carolina. So many anniversaries! Beautiful! Your blog grew a lot which means you have given so much of yourself into it. Thank you for what you are sharing with us and also for supporting the community with a newly created award and your weekly feature of bloggers! You are amazing, Carolina!

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    1. Thank you Wilson! I am always happy when you visit my Blog! I see that you are there only from two years…so all is still ptretty new, you have a wonderful soul and heart and your faith will take you in great places, be yourself and be always positive 🙂


  3. Greetings Carolina, living in California, I feel like there is a poem in there somewhere! Congratulations on your two milestones! This is very encouraging for me as a relatively new blogger. I’m having a little quiet time at the moment and reflecting as to whether to continue with my Blog. I love blogging but not sure if my work is targeting the right audience. Anyway, I wish you a long and happy contribution to the blogging world and again thank you for sharing your story.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am happy that my story can be encouraging for new Bloggers that’s a reason why I wrote my anniversary post! I am only Blogging actively from the end of March few months but my blog gave me the chance to express who I am and the ability to share my Art and creativity with the world I am an Artist Designer and I express my Art in many different ways. I encourage you to keep going with your blog forget about the target. You are writing and doing this first for yourself and find joy doing it! Stay true to yourself and good things will come naturally. Write whenever you feel at your time and listen your heart. As encouragement I am going to follow your Blog I see that your writing is very nice you can follow mine back and stay connected 🙂 xo


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