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And Featured is….

Songs About A Farewell


And today FEATURED is…. HeavyCloud he would be on my sidebar widget for this week!

Hello everyone I apologize for my one day late post!

This weekend has been AMAZING! Thank you for the great participation to this weekly Meet and Greet event. I want to thank all of you that did a Reblog it really was a great help to make this event even more successful..and because of that we hab new Bloggers over to post their link!

It is truly difficult every week to choose just one of you!

Featured Image -- 1967
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Today I am so happy to introduce  HeavyCloud  we follow each other Blogs from quite awhile several months. He is a fun, wonderful and creative presence in the Blogosphere here on WP. I am sure that some of you know already and enjoy to read his Blog. HC  is a writer and  he write beautiful poems/songs also loves Photography his photos are beautiful, he let me use this beautiful full moon  for some of my Digital Art creations.

With his full moon photo I created this:

Moon on Water

And this other one here below.  I love them both! They turned out Amazing!
Thank you HC for let me use your photo!

Golden Aura

Talking we discovered to have several things in common, we like the same Music, Photography, writing poems and we are native from the same Country Italy and we are born in the same city! But he is in France and I am in US…Isn’t this amazing? I guess it is the beautiful part of having a Blog and meet friends all over the world!

I am sure many of you already follow his Blog, but if you don’t, then please stop by there and have a nice visit!

Have a great Sunday!


11 thoughts on “And Featured is….”

  1. Lovely Carolina, thank you so much! It’s a pleasure and a honor for me to be featured on your Blog. Your creativity and your warmth are a real gift to me and one of the reasons that make me glad to be here on WP. My warmest hugs and kisses from a six thousands miles away… ❤

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    1. Sorry I only saw your comment right now! It is truly a quite coincidence to be born the same day! 🙂
      I don’t think I never came across anyone else born on my same day! Thank you for letting me know and sharing this!
      I will surely go to check your Blog! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! If you do pay a visit you’ll be very welcome. As it happens, I don’t know anybody who shares exactly the same birthday as me either. My cousin (who is 19 years younger than me so more like a niece) was due on my birthday, but she arrived a day earlier. I can’t help wishing she’d just been that little bit more patient… 🙂

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