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Jewelry Designs Meanings and Friendship…

Malibu - Zuma

– Point Dume –

Point Dume is a promontory on the coast of Malibu, California that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The point, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay. Wikipedia

Fossil Seashell Fragment found at Point Dume
Fossil Seashell Fragment found at Point Dume

I designed this necklace for Erika Kind as token of our friendship. If you followed our recent posts you know that we met (read my post) in person last Friday here in California it was a great experience. Each piece of Jewelry I design has a story behind it. This one symbolize the beginning of our friendship relate to one of our first conversations that we had when we met, and it was about how much Erika love California, the Ocean and the Beach she said that she love “Point Dume” which happen to be a wonderful place in Malibu where I go often and I love to take beautiful photos like this one of the beach where Point Dume promontory is. This is one of the places where I find precious natural elements like fragments of fossil seashells, stones, driftwood all elements gifted from nature that I treasure and collect for my unique jewelry designs.

Fossil Seashelles Fragments, Driftwood
Fossil seashells Fragments, Driftwood

The necklace created for Erika has all the elements to symbolize what she love, it represent the Ocean with the natural beauty of a fragment of a Fossil Seashell,  a Pearl and her favorite Turquoise stone, the blue color of the stone symbolize the sky and the ocean  water,  all the elements are wired together creating a keepsake memories pendant with an adjustable leather cord. This is an example of the concept I work with, to create one of a kind Jewelry. I am very happy that Erika love the necklace very much at the point that when I gave to her she got emotional, that was my greatest gift to see the reaction she had it means I made it through her heart giving her happiness and joy…this is one of the reason why I love my work!

©Carolina Russo

Erika Necklace

It is very nice to see Erika wearing this necklace knowing that she will treasure it!

I also created  for this meet up occasion some new stackable bracelets, the kind that more you have the better is!
I created one for Marissa, one for Corinne and a new one for Me!

Friendship Bracelets

Blue Quartz Bracelet1This one was created for Corinne made with natural Blue Quartz and Yellow Citrine Crystal.
Corinne has already a necklace that I previously made for her and this bracelet is  a matching!

Friendship Bracelets
The Pink Quartz bracelet was created for Marissa made with natural Rose Quartz and smocky Crystals.
Rose Quartz is also known as the “Love Stone” and emit positive and protective energy.
I didn’t know Marissa too well, I wasn’t sure about her taste but she loved it!

Turquoise Romboide Bracelet
This Bracelet was created for Me with a shaped Turquoise stone, Pearls and smocky crystals.
I hope that you enjoyed to read all the details behind the scene about what inspired me
to create this special Jewelry honoring our Friendship.


Details if you are interested in my work….

My work is made as Custom Order can be purchased and ordered here on this Blog or on my Etsy Shop.

If you are interested in my designs don’t hesitate to Contact me ✿⊱

“AMONG NATURE” Jewelry Collection 2015

© Copyright Carolina Russo

Always Thank You for sharing my Art!


22 thoughts on “Jewelry Designs Meanings and Friendship…”

  1. Carolina! Believe me, reading this brought again tears to my eyes! It touches me so very much how thoughtful and soulful you are. Not only that this necklace represents a piece of my beloved California to me, is such a personalized item and also carries the energy of a wonderful spirit who created it for me. All together makes it the most precious symbol which I will treasure forever! That all made me so emotional…. so much love flowing! Thank you again, Carolina! But please know, that you have already made it into my heart when we first met!
    You made such beautiful jewelery for everyone. Your kindness and engagement for others is amazing! Feel strongly hugged and be sure that you are having a friend forever in me. 💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Erika very much! This is why my Art and work has to have love flowing to be unique and personal this is why I love to work on Custom ooak Jewelry to give what you will never find anywhere else! The universal love that connected us in our friendship helped in my creations! I am happy Erika that you feel like this ..<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely do! You are an amazing light and blessing, Carolina! Your light flows through all your creations. It is wonderful and I totally understand that this is important for you. Only that way you can feel fulfilled in what you do. Because you want to give a part of yourself and at the same time connect with the person you make it for. What a wonderful merging of spirits. Once again thank you from my heart 😘😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

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