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Some of my Watercolor Paintings….

Cabin on the lake sm
Cabin on the Lake


Godly Sunset
Godly Sunset


Venezia- Italy
Venezia- Italy



Original Watercolors ©Carolina Russo

52 thoughts on “Some of my Watercolor Paintings….”

      1. The ring is beautiful! I actually have a special box where I keep it because it’s so special to me :)) yes soon I hope- it’s hard for me to get the album out and look through her photos but hopefully soon- you are so precious for wanting to do this sis. You’re so special.

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  1. The paintings are amazing. You are so very skilled!!! Such a calm and peaceful energy flows from the paintings like “all is simply well”. When I look at my necklace it has a similar vibration. It really carries your being. Beautiful and stunning, Carolina!

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