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Super Moon - Photography ©Carolina Russo
Super Moon – Photography ©Carolina Russo

November Supermoon!

Tonight I went for a nocturne hike!
I went in a whim without plan anything. I carried my camera with the intent to be lucky to find the beautiful Super Moon and meet her between the hills. I had the wish to find a clear sky without clouds and be able to get a good shot of this memorable moment!  November 2016 Supermoon is supposed to be the closest, brightest  and the largest since 1948.  It is indeed a moment to capture!
I took several shots but this one is the one I love the most and I want to share it with you. Today here in California we had a beautiful evening the temperature was pleasant and the sky was super clear, no clouds, just beautiful! And here it is, the gorgeous moon dominating the sky in her brightest beauty!

Have a wonderful night or day! ❤
Enjoy the Supermoon!

Thank You!
Thank You!

Copyright ©Carolina Russo –

22 thoughts on “SuperMoon”

      1. Yes, I am glad you could take such a picture. I wish my phone would capture it… but for now I was already happy to see it… doesn’t look like that high leveled fog will dissapear. We will see!
        Wow, cool! I am looking forward to holding it in hands 😊

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  1. Ok my super moon pic is just pathetic. I tried but it just looked like a distant white dot in the center of blackness. Nowhere near the true shot of what you got and what I was looking at. Great picture. Thanks for posting!

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