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Fields and Waters: Misty Stream

Misty Stream_s 

Welcome September!
This post will feature my two new paintings created during this week they are included in my new watercolor series.  This is “Misty Stream” a moody landscape with beautiful colors combined with a hue of purple and a light touch of gold.  I am really happy with it! 
I am currently working on a Collection of small intuitive watercolor paintings named “Fields and Waters” if you missed my previous blog post, you can read all about this upcoming Collection here
Today I like to share an up to date little video gallery I made, where you can see all the paintings created until now but the latest seascape which I will post it down below! I hope you enjoy!

Fields and Waters is a Collection of intuitive and meditative art that soothe the soul of the viewer through delicate colors emitting feelings of harmony. 
This series is inspired by the calming beauty found around us in nature. I am focusing mostly on landscapes and seascapes using two very important and powerful elements Water and Earth. 

Living The Now_s
This seascape is the latest I painted. The title is “Living The Now” size 3×9 inches. I like the unusual paper size, I have another paper same size ready to paint a landscape! 
Each Original painting of this series is unique and painted on a beautiful deckled edges 100% Cotton watercolor paper, hand cut and torn by me. In my opinion the raw edges adds a beautiful touch to this Collection.
I am painting this whole series mainly with a painting palette knife and a couple round brushes. Each painting is very special to me. 

❤ Upon release all the Original paintings would be available for purchase.
Original paintings are size 3×4.5 and 4.5×6 and 3×9 inches
If you have any question or would like to “Reserve” any of the Original paintings before the Official Release date, please send me a message for more details.

❤ Limited Edition fine art Giclee prints would be available! 

  • Limited Edition to 30 prints
  • Each print is signed and numbered out of 30.
  • Include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Release date is Coming Soon! 

 To stay connected and up to date Follow me on Instagram  @carolinarussoart 

Hashtag  #fieldsandwaters

Wish you a great rest of the week! 

Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo – carolinarussoart.com

15 thoughts on “Fields and Waters: Misty Stream”

    1. Thank you Robbie I am happy that you resonate with these two paintings! Thank you for your ongoing support to my art I appreciate it very much! You live in a beautiful place and remember is never far away! 🙂


  1. They are very beautiful Caroline, they touch in such a way that you are there 😀
    And just a side note, after quite a while your blog is back to not allowing me to comment. I’ve found that for some insane reason I can sign in but at individual blogs it signs me out, then signs me back in…and on and on it goes. At first I thought I was just being blocked but friends said no. So I started to sign in individually and most worked ok, but some don’t like my aftershave or something. So, I’m here…but intermittently 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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