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Blog Name Changed!

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Hello dear friends and followers,
I have a little communication about a change in regard to this Blog! No worries, I am not going anywhere, is just that I have changed the Blog’s name! As you remember, my Blog name was  “YesterdayAfter” well is not going to be it anymore.  Thank you to the lovely people that are following me from years they remember.  I gladly welcome the recent new followers, thank you. My Blog was born with the name  “YesterdayAfter” now is changed. It was a long time that I wanted my Domain Name .com with my own name and now I have it! As an artist it is very important to be recognized by the same name. My new Blog name is Carolina Russo Art and my new URL is
I am working on updating and refreshing the Blog look and integrate a new shop directly in here. So please keep attention when you receive notifications of my new posts they would be as Carolina Russo Art.

Thank you for following my journey, I appreciate you all very much!
Please share this post to help other followers to know!

Thank You!


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15 thoughts on “Blog Name Changed!”

    1. Hi Robbie thank you for point that out! I am glad to know that you received the notification so that I know all works well! I was wondering about it! And yes exciting Thank you for being such a great follower from long time! Much love!

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