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Poetry – Visual Verse Published my Short Story – Poignant Pondering

Visual Verse Image Starting Point


I am thrilled again!

This month I received an invitation to participate to this interesting Anthology of Art and Words on VisualVerse.org I found it to be  very interesting and challenging to write something inspired by a picture as starting point to a creative, timed, writing process. The antique image that you see here was the starting point to write in a limited time and words a poem or story.

Visual Verse gave these instructions:

Visual Verse An Anthology of Art and Words
One image, one hour, 50-500 words.
The picture is the starting point, the text is up to you.

“we present an image will surely prompt some challenging responses. Taken from a 17th Century text, it is an illustration by French artist Alain Manesson Malett of two women in Syria. The image invites questions about identity, perception and the assumptions we make about those who are different from ourselves. And being over 400 years old, this image also reminds us that our quest to understand each other, to accept and to be accepted is nothing new”

I have been staring at this image and I let my imagination fly for awhile. I wrote and submitted a short story  of 65 words  “Poignant Pondering”  is the title.
This short story is not published here on my Blog yet.  I am very happy to share it with you as a nice archivement of my creativity that now is part of this interesting Anthology and  published on:

Visual Verse  Anthology – Vol. 03 Chapter 07 –  Poignant Pondering #75 .

I link the Archive with all the images and writings published until now!

I hope that you like my short story please let me know what you think
I love your comments!

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©Carolina Russo

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