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And Featured for this week is…



A manual for the life within….it’s always been there, just waiting for you!

Sorry I have been one day late to post the New Featured for this week.

I am very happy this week to FEATURE and introduce
Mark Lanesbury a wonderful and amazing Blogger and his Blog Healing Your Heart!

It would be on my sidebar as Feature of the week.

Mark is an amazing Soul Healer I discover his wonderful Blog one day not long ago
leaving a comment to one of my precious followers.
I did read the comment that Mark left to her since she is very dear to me, and I was so touched from his wonderful words in his very long comment.
I was amazed and my first thought was “Is this for real??? Who is this?
I then I went to visit his Blog and after I read his about page I hit the Follow button, leaving a comment to him.
He reply to me with the most amazing comment I ever had.

I love what he does helping others in a manner that is so great
Please give a visit his Blog
there is so much to read for everyone!

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!
– CR

4 thoughts on “And Featured for this week is…”

  1. I thank you kind lady for putting me up as your ‘Featured’ for this week. It is a privilege, and very appreciated that you thought enough of my site to be a part of your lovely blog.
    The wander in your site has been amazing. Beautifully put together and shares a real ‘yesteryear’ feel to it as well as your craft that shows the heart that created it.
    Many thanks, Mark.

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