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New Design – Soothing Fire

Soothing Fire Necklace
Soothing Fire Necklace

 During this week I have been working on several projects.
and I am happy to introduce and debut my new design a powerful necklace.
I named this necklace “Soothing Fire” and it is part of the Among Nature Jewelry Collection 2015

Soothing Fire NecklaceI loved to create this design forging and hammering the wire with a twist on the top part of the pendant.
This pendant is made in three parts and like in all of my creations there is no soldering anywhere.
I used a beautiful selection of natural gemstones,
Amethyst in different shades from pale to intense purple color, and four faceted Crystals
yellow Citrine and smoky Quartz in several shades.
I gave this creation the name Soothing Fire because
the Amethyst it is a beautiful purple quartz and emits the positive power of soothing and calming.
The yellow Citrine it is a variety of quartz and the color goes from pale yellow  to intense orange and like the fire emits positive and enlightening energy  and dispel negativity.

Soothing Fire Necklace3This necklace is available in Limited Edition and made to order it can be purchased here on
if anyone is interested please contact me

 Design and Photography by Carolina Russo ©

46 thoughts on “New Design – Soothing Fire”

    1. Thanks! Oh nice to get the rocks… well it takes practice and knowledge about how to manage metals and rocks at the same time also it depends what type of wired works she like 🙂


      1. Yes I know how it could be it’s not easy to pick in between many I always look for the feeling I get from a stone and if inspire me I also work only with natural stones and I love nature finds when I find them! They give a unique feeling to a creation I love that 🙂

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      2. Thank you usually when I launch a new design I write a post with the story behind the piece, each piece has a meaningful title and I write about the inspiration, stones meanings and details that make each jewel unique for that unique person that will wear it!

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