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Overwhelming beauty

Walking on the hills
Walking on the hills

Overwhelming beauty

The sunset light was approaching
the soft curved hills.
Evening was entering like a fierce painting
in the sky.

How amazing colors
in a new dimension that only
nature and someone above
has the power to create.

I felt that overwhelming presence
a strange feeling surrounded me,
all over like holding me
in a tight and breathtaking embrace

excitement and power for
something that I see unbelievable unreal
but truly real.

I am glad I was there
grabbing the drops of this
overwhelming beauty.


Photography and Poem Copyright© Carolina Russo


Walking on the hills Photo #2
Walking on the hills Photo #2

Yesterday evening I went for a walk on the hills…this walk was amazing!
I was at the right place at the right time. Just in time to see one of the most spectacular Sunset I have experienced here. California it is known for having amazing sunsets, but yesterday was something else. I couldn’t believe what was happening in a few minutes time frame. The photos I took with my phone are beautiful and I left them just as is. I didn’t edit with Photoshop or added any filters. I just added my signature I wanted to be able to share what was the sky was really this color was so intense and red that it was just so beautiful! I got inspired to write the poem “Overwhelming beauty” I hope you enjoy this and I wish you a wonderful day!


49 thoughts on “Overwhelming beauty”

      1. The colours of the sky are much better in the first one but the second has more foreground with the bush a mixture of the two would be perfection☺

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  1. This is so beautiful. Sunsets always have something magical, inspiring, and enchanting. The poem is beautiful to the stunning pictures. I can’t wait to see the sun setting in California soon again.

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  2. Glory be to the grand artist who was waiting for you with a ready palette to create these stunning colours on a Californian canvas, also inspiring, Carolina, your lovely lines. May it stay with you to inspire you in greater measure….best wishes… Raj.

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