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My Poem “Emotions” Published on Spillwords

Emotions - Digital Art ©Carolina Russo
Emotions – Digital Art ©Carolina Russo


Today is a very special day for me!

I am so thrilled  to have my poem “Emotions” published on a wonderful platform and great Literary Press.
I am honored to be listed as one of their writers!
  “home for all that live and breathe words, spilled or inspired, through literature of every genre, from writers and poets of every walk of life”.

Here you can read my Published Poem:  Emotions


I want to thank the editor of Spillwords for choosing and publish my poem. Thank you!

Please If you have the time and opportunity, head over and check it out is a very interesting platform where you can have some good reading!


I wish to my mother and all the mother’s around the world
a wonderful Mother’s Day and a lovely weekend!

©Carolina Russo
©Carolina Russo

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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