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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top!

Peaceful Sunset - @Carolina Russo
Peaceful Sunset – @Carolina Russo

Today I came across to The Daily Post “Weekly Photo Challenge” the theme of this week is interesting and inspiring “Cherry On Top!”
I am supposed to share a detail that makes a good thing even better.
To participate I will share some of my photos!

Last Ray - ©Carolina Russo
Last Ray – ©Carolina Russo


Walking on the hills Photo #2
Walking On The Hills ©Carolina Russo

Godly Sunset
Godly Sunset ©Carolina Russo

These beautiful Sunsets also inspired me to write a poem:

Overwhelming Beauty

The sunset light was approaching
the soft curved hills.
Evening was entering like a fierce painting
in the sky.

How amazing colors
in a new dimension that only
nature and someone above
has the power to create.

I felt that overwhelming presence
a strange feeling surrounded me,
all over like holding me
in a tight and breathtaking embrace

excitement and power for
something that I see unbelievable unreal
but truly real.

I am glad I was there
grabbing the drops of this
overwhelming beauty.


Wish you all a great weekend!

Thank You!
Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top!”

      1. Wow, the phone does a great job! I like that you used the sky for the theme of cherry on top and especially that some of the clouds were red. Have a wonderful weekend, Carolina 🙂


      2. Thank you Carol yes the phone does a good job I use it when I don’t carry the camera or if I am surprised by a moment to capture! For Cherry on Top I thought that the sky, clouds and sunset light was great for the challenge!

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