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Photography – Plumeria Flower and a Painting Challenge! #worldwatercolorgroup

Plumerias ©Carolina Russo – Photography

Plumeria Flowers are in Blossom outside my window!

Aren’t they beautiful? There is noting better than to see the Nature in all her beauty! As a photography lover and amateur I couldn’t miss to take this photo. I actually took more than one photo and shared them on my Instagram @carolinarussoart.  My Artist side make me feel that this would be a perfect inspiration and photo reference for a watercolor painting…I will keep it in my long list of painting projects and maybe one day you will see this as painting! But I actually have an idea!

❤ A Watercolor Challenge!

If any of my friends Artists Bloggers from our #worldwatercolorgroup would be inspired to make a painting out of this photo, please you’re welcome to do so, just let me know, post your painting on your Blog and share it with me with a link. I would love that! Actually I guess it would be great to make a Challenge out of this for us.  Let me know if you all are interested to paint this beautiful Plumeria flowers! I will then participate too! It would be beautiful to see this in all the different watercolor styles and techniques! We have time from now until  June 30!

❤ Sorry that I haven’t posted much lately! I have been busy with some commissions and life events came on my way,  with it also some sadness because the recent loss of my loved bunny pet Grey. I am trying to get back on my routine! I also like to thank all my recent new followers thank you very much for deciding to follow my Blog!

Have a wonderful rest of the week let me know what do you think about this Challenge!


Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com

26 thoughts on “Photography – Plumeria Flower and a Painting Challenge! #worldwatercolorgroup”

  1. Hi Carolina, the flowers are beautiful. I like the light and shade of the photo. I could visualize how I would do in watercolor. I want to accept the challenge, since I have until June 30th. So this is to let you know that I will try. When I post it, I’ll link it to your blog. Thank you for the beautiful photo of the unusual flowers!


  2. Gorgeous photo! I think I will give it a try in watercolor. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing it. I hope the rest of the summer is better for you, dear Carolina!

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    1. Thank you Carol I am happy that you will give it a try! It will motivate me too let;s see what we come up with! you have time there is no rush ijust remember to link to this post so that I will know! Hugs ❤

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      1. I have to write to WP, because I can’t change the username of my gravatar, and the gravatar still has my old link. Thank you for letting me know, because when I open it from my end, it works, but another party wouldn’t get the new link from my gravatar. I’ll work on it tomorrow! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you so much for participating Miriam and for letting me know! You made it very nice! I am thinking to come up with a Watercolor Challenge each week after July it would be fun! I am a full time artist my art is my living I will try to make the time for some fun challenges.What do you think?

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