Digital Portraits

When Nature Meets Humans

– A Digital Art  Portraits Collection –


I love the Concept to mix Nature with Humans and create a unique One of a kind Digital Portraits. This is my evolving  idea and concept to combining the beauty of Nature with Humans telling a story in the form of Visual-Art combining and blending a number of different photos. Each photos has a meaning that tell the Portrait story.  Here you can see the first six Portraits created as experimental part of this evolving Artistic Collection, showcasing how a plain photo portrait can turn into a visual story.

If you are interested in a Custom and unique Portrait similar to those created for this Collection and wish one made exclusively for you using your own high definition digital photos, (portraits, landscapes, special places in nature, animals, or anything that is part of your own memories would  be locked as a visual keepsake memory for your digital story)
you can Shop and order here on or  Contact me for details and more informations.

Copyright© Carolina Russo


Important Note: I respect the Copyrights and Rights of the photos that are not mine. Credits for the photos I used to create those portraits that are not mine goes to their respective owners. The finished “Portrait” created as result of blending, layering and manipulating the photos used it is my own creation and Digital Artwork and has my Copyright© Carolina Russo.
Please do not use any of those images on websites, blogs or any other media without explicit permissions.


Portrait #1 - Proud
Portrait #1 – Proud

Launching “When Nature Meets Humans” Portrait #1 Proud

Portrait #2 - Souls
Portrait #2 – Souls

“When Nature Meets Humans” – Portrait # 2 Souls

 Portrait #3 - Silver Wave
Portrait #3 – Silver Wave

“When Nature Meets Humans” Portrait # Silver Wave

 Portrait #4 - Blue Shadows
Portrait #4 – Blue Shadows

Digital Art – When Nature Meets Humans – Portrait #4 Blue Shadows

Portrait #5 - Light and Darkness
Portrait #5 – Light and Darkness

“When Nature Meets Humans” – Portrait #5  Light and Darkness

Portrait #6 - EWIAN
Portrait #6 – EWIAN

“When Nature Meets Humans” – Portrait #6 EWIAN

Viktor Nordir _s_sized
Digital Art Portrait #7 – Viktor Nordir – ©Carolina Russo

“When Nature Meets Humans” – Portrait #7 Viktor Nordir




Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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21 thoughts on “Digital Portraits”

  1. Stunning creations! You absolutely have to keep going with this… You have a great talent here! I think the first one is AWESOME! It jumps right out at you… So many talented people here! Don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am happy that you like it! Yes I will keep going I love to work on this! And yes many talented people in this community that’s why I have a weekly event a Meet and Greet on Fridays and every Saturday I Feature an Inspiring Blogger I like to share my space with other talented people! I am doing this from almost 40 weeks…give a look on Friday and leave your link!


    1. Thank you so much for the reblog and all the shares I really appreciate it! Thanks for supporting my art. I am happy that you like my InkTober I am developing this character in end would be a beautiful collection of images! Stay connected! ❤


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