Custom Digital-Art Portraits

 Portrait #3 - Silver Wave

When Nature Meets Humans
Custom Digital-Art Portraits

©Carolina Russo


“When Nature Meets Humans”  is my evolving  idea and concept to combining nature with humans in the form of visual-art and create a unique and very different kind of Portraits…let’s say very unusual portraits, infused with all my experience, art and soul…every portrait says a story and it is unique, challenging and fascinating.

I like experimenting new ideas and concepts that are helping me to evolve and grow with my art and creativity.
I always loved to work in Digital and apply my Art to this “Techno-media” this is my own way to describe this type of Art-form. One of my passions is Photography. I like to photograph and I like to create Art with photos, manipulating images blending, layering them being able to give life to a whole new photo created as result of connection of many. Generating a “Keepsake Photo Memories Portrait” this means that you can have your favorite photos of yourself combined with photos of places in  nature that you personally visited or not, all is combined together creating a memory portrait to treasure a special moment or experience of your lifetime.

Portrait #6 - EWIAN

If you’re interested in purchase a custom and unique portrait like the ones created for this Art Collection you can custom order it!

  • I will create the Portrait exclusively for you, using your own personal memories photos.  If you have great photos during your travels time, a place to remember, a sunset, or anything that you want as keepsake memories it is great to create something very special! My portraits start with a minimum of two photos up to 5 or more  it depends of what I am creating.  All you have to do is contact me and send me some high quality photos in digital format and a description of the moment you like to keepsake, we will connect and discuss all the possible options.
  • – I offer Printed Portraits hand signed by me including a Certificate of Authenticity
  • – I also offer Portraits sent in digital format for online use or sharing

I will create your own personal story and unique custom Digital-Art Portrait.

For info prices and more details please  contact me.

Important Note: I respect the Copyrights and Rights of the photos that are not mine. Credits for the photos I used to create those portraits that are not mine goes to their respective owners. The finished “Portrait” created as result of blending, layering and manipulating the photos used it is my own creation and Digital Artwork and has my Copyright© Carolina Russo.
Please do not use any of those images on websites, blogs or any other media without explicit permissions.


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