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2016 Update – Laptop Fail…

2016 Laptop Fail…


Hello everyone,

sorry I haven’t been posting as usual! There is a reason why and I will tell you all about it!

I just want to give you an update of what’s going on during my early 2016.  In my last “Post of the 2015”  I wrote that I got sick with the Flu, that wasn’t a nice ending of the year, but I got over the Flu very well taking care of me with rest, warm, lots of tea and a great natural recipe made out of “Turmeric and Raw Honey” this magic natural antibiotic did wander for me. I should make a post about it sometimes! 🙂 I also like to thank all of you that left me beautiful and lovely comments to get well soon! Thank you!

Anyway the reason why I am not posting as usual and during the past days I did some reblogs, is because my nearly two years old HP Pavilion Laptop decided to go to sleep and never woke up!!!
Can you imagine how frustrating this can be?  All my digital work and data are on it!!!! 😦

I had to use my Kindle Fire to check my Blog, emails etc… and with a Kindle isn’t easy to type long posts, but I am grateful that I have been able at least to read and reply  to your nice comments, my apologies if I missed someone.

I am pretty good with computers and I did try any advice and suggestions I found online to wake up my laptop. Actually it did woke up 3 times, but after last time seems there is no way for everything I did try. This type of fail seems to happen very often with laptops of all kinds of brands in fact this is the second laptop I own that fail, my first one was from another brand and it lasted five years and same thing happened.

I have to say that I am disappointed this time because I don’t think that a nice laptop from a great brand like HP has to have such a short life less than 2 years! I still hope that there is a way to fix it.

Right now I had no options than get a new computer, which is great of course, this time is not longer a laptop but a great desktop! It wasn’t planned at all for me to buy a new one but I need it for my work and my livelihood. I am sure something great will come out of all this wish me well! 😉

For the end of the next week I will have my new set up and I can go back to my work and new posts!
Also for who wander about my weekly “Fridays Meet and Greet Event” and the “Feature Event on Saturdays” will go back on soon stay tuned because I will choose new Blogs to Feature, stay connected!!! ❤

One last thing Thank You so much to all the recent “Follow” that I received I am full of appreciation!
I did Follow back everyone I could and I will check back your Blogs! Stay connected.

Have a wonderful 2016 together we can keep walking doing great things…
Wish you a wonderful day or night!




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Be Thankful Challenge


Yesterday my great friend and soul sister Erika Kind surprised me with this amazing Challenge nomination!
I am so honored and happy that Erika considered me for this beautiful challenge “Be Thankful” it is something that we all have to do. Stop and take a moment of reflection, thinking about all we have in our life, and don’t give things or people for granted! Everything, good things, or no so good things, are part of our life experience in this world helping and shaping us to become the souls we are.

The challenge rules:

  • Share this image in your bog post
  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part
    5 people I am thankful for:

My Daughter: my beautiful and loving teen daughter, I am grateful and thankful for her in my life, I love her more than anything. Because of her I am the woman I turned to be today. Because of her I found out I had a strength I never knew I had. Because of her I had overcome Mountains. Because of her I am here in US and Because of her, I learned to forgive who kept me away from my own home. I learned on my own skin to use LOVE and turn situations that weren’t easy, in positive  situations otherwise impossible,  friendship after years of harsh battle in the name of Love.

My Mom: I am so thankful for my Mom she has been always there for me during my years growing up and still. She is the one that thought me strength and truthfulness she suffered very much to be a part from me, when I decided 13 years ago to leave Italy in the name of love and come to US.  We were very close. I was her everything her first baby. She supported me saying if you are going to be happy, also if you would be so far away, I will be happy too. Life not always turn the way you expect or dream about it, but every event happen for unknown reasons, and as difficult it is life events are there to enlighten and enrich your inner soul. Today having my daughter, I know how much my mom felt during those years and I thank my mom for being there for me more than anything.

My Dad: my Dad is the Artist in my family his creativity, and Art are amazing. I grow up exposed to his creativity all the time. I was lucky to be able to observe his work in his room-studio and learn a lot from him in action just observing. He is primary an Oil painter winner of several awards in private exhibits. He can transform anything in a treasure. I always thought that his creativity goes way behond expectations and not only Paintings but anything he touches. Not even the Art School I attended gave me what I learned from him.

My Brother: My brother is so special to me, he is 5 years younger, we shared everything growing up, we have a wonderful relationship and we miss each other a lot. He is in Italy. We both are tennis players. My dad passion beside Art was sport and he and my mom were agree to have us learn “seriously” and be into a sport discipline. We attended Tennis school at very early age. I started at 8 my brother at 6 years old. My brother now is also a certified Tennis Coach. We spent our teen age training a lot and going around dealing with National tournaments and My dad was always there in support 🙂

Myself: yes! Also if it could be strange, I am very thankful for myself! I am not perfect and I had my mistakes like everyone else. I just want to thank myself for being able to become the woman I am today!

5 things I am thankful in 2015

Life: I  love life this powerful and often underestimate gift we all have. I appreciate life and I am trying my best way to experience it in the most healthful and enlightened way I can.

Love: is the only thing that matter here, with love the impossible can be possible! We all have to start with love ourself first in order to love others. I am very happy that I am experiencing so much love here in this WP Community, I came across beautiful souls and their expression of love. Thank you!

Art: for me is everything I do, all my creations, my multiple ways to express myself visually and not. This year I was able to create and share my creations with the world in a different dimension ,starting this Blog and being able to be seen is something wonderful knowing that people love what I do.

My Blog: from last March my Blog is part of my daily life! Is my presence into an open window to the world, it is the beautiful place where I have my own space to share, learn and laugh. The special place where I have all my amazing friends always there to encourage, share and support. This Blog is were all my creations turn to life! This Blog also give me the opportunity to support, encourage and share my love for others.

Nature: I love Nature! It is my first place where I get inspired, the amazing feelings looking at the ocean, or gazing the sky at night, staring into the eyes of an animal, the colors of beautiful flowers, the magic snow, the rain and wind, the sound of the water… all this make me feel alive!

5 of the people I am thankful for and Challenge nominees:

Allison Marie – glorybegin
Krista Kemp

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Milestone 1337 __(“‘)_(^_^)_(“‘)___


Congratulations on getting 1,337 total likes on

Your current tally is 1,339.

Thank you so much to all of you here taking time to read my posts
enjoying my Art and Design Jewelry and all the other ways I express my creativity!
I am really impressed for all the love showed here in this amazing Community!
Each one of you means a lot to me,
all your likes and beautiful comments left, give me strength inspiring me every day to go on
knowing that there is such a great audience out there.
Thank you!!!!