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Inktober 2019 – MabsDrawlloweenClub Day 24 Dizzy – La Llorona

Day 24 – Dizzy – La Llorona

Day 24:  Dizzy – La Llorona
Double Challenge combined prompts #Drawlloweentober2019 
Inktober:  Dizzy
MabsDrawlloweenClub2019:  La Llorona

Today prompt “La Llorona” is what inspired the creation of my whole drawing.

The Legend:In Latin American folklore, La Llorona also known as the Weeping Woman or the cryer, is one of the most famous legends. It is the story of a woman. The lore states a woman was abandoned by her husband and was left alone to raise her two sons, whom she instead drowned in a river out of grief and anger. As a result of her actions the woman is condemned to wander for all eternity until she finds the bodies of her children, often causing misfortune to those who are near or hear her. The oral story represents La Llorona as a person, legend, ghost, goddess, metaphor and symbol“. (source WikipediA)

This is my Vision: of La Llorona I wanted to capture her in a specific emotional state, which is that moment when after all the pain and sorrow, when the sadness took all her tears, when there is nothing else out of her… that moment when she needs to surrender to herself and let it go all the pain, is that moment when she comes out of the dark, see barely the light and when she gets her first breath with a feeling of relief 🖤this is what I wanted to capture in her. I hope I did! Today drawing was a little on the darkside but that was the only way to represent La Llorona.

❤ Details about my drawings: Supplies used for my Ink drawing ink pens used COPIC Multiliner Black ink #03 and 05, Micron dark red ink #, brown #003. Fountain Pen Pilot Prera Fine Nib. Alvin Draft/Matic pencil #03 Limited Edition Pink Mab Graves.

❤ Details about these Challenges: Every year in October since 2009, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge created by Illustrator Jake Parker  by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. (read my previous post) Other amazing artists have created their own challenges during October. This Year I will Join two amazing challenges InkTober and Drawlloween is a little more spoocky Halloween themed created and hosted on Instagram by Pop Surrealist artist Mab Graves! I will create my daily drawings inspired by the combination of the two Challenges daily prompt words and I have combined the names creating my own challenge “DrawllooweenTober”  yes this is my plan to be able to join and drawing daily for both amazing challenges at the same time,  if you like to join me use also hashtag #drawlloweentober2019

I took a second photo so that you can see the gold better!

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❤ All my drawings in this Series would be available at the end of Challenge for pre-order as Limited and Open Edition Prints in my Blog  SHOP! 


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Have a great weekend and happy drawings!

Thank You!
Thank You!

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