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INKTOBER 2020 – October Drawing Challenges Official Prompt Lists

October Challenge

31 Days 31 Drawings”

Since 2009 in  October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

InkTober 2020
October is coming soon! And it means that artists around the world will participate to this great and inspiring drawing challenge.  This is my 5th year of InkTober, I will do all my best to create as much as possible and I hope to be able to complete the 31 days.  This year honestly I have no idea how I will approach the two challenges! Usually in the past few years I have followed the Official prompt lists and to make it more challenging and intriguing I combined the two challenges in one, combining the prompts! Not easy to do. Sometimes the two prompts aren’t a good match but that’s were creativity do the magic! Right now, I am navigating ideas  trying to make plans, not sure I want to combine the two challenges together. If not, I need to pick one, or not follow the official prompts and make my own list….lots to think for me! Your suggestions are welcome! ❤

Jake Parker the illustrator and creator of Inktober  released the new “Official Prompt List 2020” and I love to post it here so that you have some time until October 1st to plan and get ready!

Inktober 2020 Official Prompt List

My Inktober history:

2016  following the “Official Prompt List” I have created a “Fantasy Character Design”  which I love, her name is ©Ylia.  I have illustrated her adventures inspired by the daily prompts and developed her character and story throughout the month. If you follow me from the last 4 years, then you should remember my character Ylia,  the pic below shows one of my entry and you can see her. If you like to see more check all the other entries about her on my InkTober 2016  Gallery:

Day #12 – WORRIED – InkTober 2016 ©Carolina Russo

I had fun to create ©Ylia, she is a futuristic kind of “Superhero Warrior” with a nod to the past, she is a Messenger of “Love and Peace” and a creature of the universe that fight for the universal love. Most of my drawings were accompanied by quotes and Haiku poems that I wrote. Maybe one day I will publish an illustrated book of @Ylia Adventures! I would love that!  We will see what the future brings!

2017 I have Joined the two challenges InkTober and MabsDrawlloweenClub this one is a little more spoocky – Halloween theme prompts are created by Pop Surrealist artist Mab Graves!  My daily drawings were inspired by the combination of the two challenges daily prompt words creating my own hybrid challenge “DrawllooweenTober”  yes this was my idea to enable me to join both challenges daily creating one drawing. And well it was pretty challenging, not easy but I wanted to make it harder to stimulate creativity in a different way and I made it! The outcome was a lovely collection of dark themed spooky drawings which I am very pleased!

My drawing “Frankenstein Bride” of this series become my first Die Cut Sticker

And if you like see more click the link of my  Gallery Inktober+ MabsDrawlloweenClub 2017

Day #2 Goblin Divided – Supplies

2018 I have joined again the two challenges, I really love both and the community of artists around these two challenges. I didn’t want to miss them so I’ve participated with my hybrid mixing the prompts and my own hashtag is  #drawlloweentober  you can see my Gallery Inktober+ MabsDrawlloweenClub 2018

INKTOBER-MabsDrawlloweenClub 2018
Day 29 – Double, Mary Shelley ©CarolinaRusso

2019 Once again last year I have combined the prompts of the two challenges here you can see some of my drawings! To see all the drawings visit my Drawlloweentober 2019 Gallery

InKtober – Mabsdrawlloween club 2019

Settember 1st 2020  both challenges Official Prompt Lists were released on September 1st. Here there is also the MadsDrawlloweenClub2020 Prompt List  artist Mab Graves list is always inspired and dedicated to the Halloween theme.

Mabsdrawlloween 2020 Official Prompt List

My Favorite Supplies:
I use  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,   Pentel Aqua Brush – Bee Paper for Watercolor 140lb, 100% cotton, cold pressed, size 6×9 inches . Micron or COPIC pens Black, Brown, Dark Red inks #01, #005, White SAKURA Gelly Roll pen, Pentel Pocket Brush blak ink, ALVIN Mab Graves Draft/Matic Pencils , Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks.
(FYI This is not a sponsored post I purchase all my supplies and I am sharing what I like and use)

My Supplies!

Join us: these Challenges are open to anyone that love sketching with ink pens and if you’re member of the #worldwatercolorgroup you’re free to add a dash of watercolor. I hope that some of you will try this and join me and thousands of other artists around the world. You don’t have to be drawing every day if you don’t have time. You can drawing every other day, or every few days, or one entry a week! Doesn’t has to be a complicate drawing, it can be a small sketch, it will help you to develop a habit and refine your skills. Btw if you’re not crazy like me you don’t have to participate to both challenges just pick one! 😉 Good luck everyone hope to see you in October!

Here is the INKTOBER Story and Rrules:
Illustrator Jake Parker is the creator of this great challenge and initiative started in October 2009. Jake created InkTober as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Here are the Official Rules:
1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).
2) Post it*
3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2019
4) Repeat
That’s it! Now go make something beautiful.

I am very excited to join once again and participate to the challenges! I would be sharing my progress here on the Blog and daily on Instagram @carolinarussoart  Visit Jake Parker website for more details, videos, inspiration and lots to learn about Inktober.  If you like to join these challenges don’t forget when you post your drawing online always add the hashtags #INKTOBER2020  #INKTOBER  if you choose Mab Graves challenge add #mabsdrawlloweenclub2020 and if you add watercolor hashtag  #worldwatercolorgroup2020 post your ink drawing online on your Blog and/or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…add all the tags to any place you share your drawings online! Phew….I made it to the end of this long post! ❤

You can find some of my past Inktober drawings available as Open Edition Signed Prints in my ETSY Shop


I hope that artists here on WordPress will join this challenge with me,
There is time to get organized and prepare yourself for for October! Please share your plans or ideas I would love to know!

Thank You!

©Copyright Carolina Russo – yesterdayafter.com