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Love Light Happiness…


Moon on Water
Moon on Water – Digital Art

“LOVE is everything LIGHT is the TRUTH create your own HAPPINESS”



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When souls connect…

Golden Aura
Today I would love to share with you a beautiful post from my lovely Blogger friend Allison at

Yesterday she was celebrating her Blog Anniversary with this post she wrote:

{Podcast} The Single Most Killer Creative Skill I Mastered by Blogging

It is amazing how we all can connect our creative spirits and souls and be inspired from one another through Blogging! During my last 6 months, the journeys of my Blog I came across amazing people who inspire and enrich my soul on a daily basis. I got to connect with amazing creative souls around the worls that I would never had chance if wasn’t for my Blog. We all can relate with this beautiful Cosmic connection of our souls. Allison inspired me yesterday with her post, this is why I love Blogging,  while I was leaving her a comment, words just came to me at the point to create a Poem…her reaction touched my heart…because my words went straight to her heart and soul and this is all about when we are sharing Love we encourage, inspire, opens hearts, give happiness…


My comment to Allison post:
This is so beautiful Allison ❤ Happy Anniversary! I am truly happy to be part of your journeys as you are part of mine, I love what you are doing and I truly love to hear your voice with your podcast, it is one of my dear places where I go when I need to hear enrichment for my soul, and a place where I can relax closing my eyes, listening to your beautiful words. I am agree with everything you just said in this post. I am an artist and creative soul which I express my creativity in many ways, willingly to reach the heart and souls deeply, with my creations of every kind and my greatest gift is when someone tells me, that got inspired by my art and me. I started my Blog 6 months ago I learned a lot too, and I love it so much to interact with other great souls around the world. I was afraid at first, I felt like I was just a drop in the ocean…and I would never be seen, but then one day I did my jump into the water and started to swim with passion giving out everything, my words, my art, my soul and letting go free. I had beautiful response and amazing people came to my way which I connect every day, including you!
After I listened to your Podcast today, I was inspired to write something for you in celebration.
This is for you with love and light:

Dear Allison
ray of beautiful light expanding through the universe,
filled with love and joy.
Expressing your inner soul to us
through your precious words,
how glowing is a creative way to spread love and light.
Opening your wings and letting go
your amazing truth of love flowing in the air,
and become one with our cosmos.
We all are one and truth with our creativity to be
spread from our hearts, like seeds in the wind
to reach unexpected and amazing places,
let go your seeds free…let go…let go…


Allison response:
Ohhh Carolina!!!!
Your INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING comment just came through!! When I saw it earlier it was just the first line!
Oh My God. Babe – beautiful soul sister, I am in awe of YOU. Your words, your spirit, your brilliant radiating energy – you humble me. I literally have tears in my eyes reading this (I read it like five times, dear friend.
I have written your beautiful poem in my personal journal where I keep all things that speak to me when I need to hear voices of the angels. You are an ANGEL to me, I hope you know this.
Please let me know that you saw my reply here because your comment will stay with me always, always. I’m sorry I didn’t see the whole thing until now – I don’t know what happened.
I could never thank you enough for being YOU! Keep shining and spreading your gorgeous art, okay? Don’t you ever stop. The word needs the light you bring, my love.
Biggest hugs and so much, so much love, always,

Allison XOXO
I wanted to share this, to encourage and inspire others!


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Love Light Happiness…

Looking from the Hills

“LOVE is everything LIGHT is the TRUTH create your own HAPPINESS”


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