Up to the Moon….

In the last couple of weeks some of my jewelry items have been featured on two beautiful Treasury Lists on Etsy. I was very happy and honored that my jewelry was chosen and selected by some of Etsy members and Featured in these interesting Treasury lists.
The Etsy world is big, there are thousands of sellers and millions of items of every kind, and so the jewelry category is fulfilled of great Artists and Designers, we are all competitors trying to come out of this ocean to see the light of our own dream.
I personally had great honorable feelings when my jewelry got chosen, I don’t give it for granted
someone’s soul got touched by my designs at the point to choose them between millions of others bracelets and necklaces. I am very thankful!
I am not new to be featured is not my first time. I have been in the past with my fashion designs and jewelry. It is always a great feeling!

Up to the moon list Then yesterday I wanted to support and highlight some of my favourite Artists that I came across Etsy. I have been the Curator of my own Treasury list named “Up to the Moon…” I hope you enjoy to see this beautiful Collection of great items as I did while I was selecting all the treasures.
I loved and I am thankful, for all the kind comments left from the artists at the bottom of my list.

Now some quick infos and links in case you have an Etsy account and you want to create a Treasury.

What is a Treasury List on Etsy?

“Treasuries on Etsy. Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items. These lists contain 16 items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items from all over Etsy” – Treasuries on Etsy Help.




2 thoughts on “Up to the Moon….”

  1. Hi there. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Nice to meet you on wordpress ad well as Etsy. We have a couple of shops on Etsy so when things have settled and I’ve finished listing I will take a good look and get some more treasuries together. ☺

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