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Venezia - Italy

I was organizing some of my watercolors and I came across this painting I made two years ago. It is a view of Venice in Italy just painted out of my visual memory. I love to paint water, there is something about water that it is so inspiring to me in many ways, artistically and not. I like the reflections and the colors. I base my palette on the beautiful range of colors of the sea, or lakes and the reflection of the sky in it.  Thematically when I paint my artwork range from seascapes, landscapes, still life, abstract and whatever inspire me...

38 thoughts on “Watercolors”

      1. Yeah!!! Thank you, Carolina, that’s awesome! I received two more awards and will prepare a big award post for nex week. Thank you so much once again. This is just wonderful… happy dances!!! 😃

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      1. I did reblog your post, the one with the beautiful watercolours. I wonder if you may repay the favor by selecting one of my blog posts that resonates with you and sharing it with your readers.

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    1. That’s a very good question! I actually love all of them is very hard to say which one is my preferred…it depends also on my inspiration of the moment and what I want to do 🙂


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