And FEATURED is…..

4c8a3d70526cec46fe5aa4d55211b9a3I love to meet and greet new artists sharing their own gifts and words!
Nice to meet you all and looking forward to getting to know more sites and souls! ~Souldiergirl


Hello everyone,
here we are after a great participation to this “Meet and Greet” session it was super!!!
Thank you so much for posting your links here, I really appreciated your presence so much!
I have been able to discover many new awesome Blogs!
I am looking forward on getting to know all of them better.
It was very difficult to choose one only Blog to Feature but for today and for this week

SOULDIERGIRL  would be on my sidebar

since there are many other Blogs that I love
I will surprice some of you during the coming weeks, each Saturday I will choose a New Blog to Feature…
Stay Connected Follow and be active here!

Now everyone Souldiergirl it is a wonderful presence in the Blog world,
I love her great photography and deep Poetry.
She is a wonderful Soul!
I am sure that most of you already know her Blog, but if you don’t, then go and stop by there!

Have a wonderful weekend you all


11 thoughts on “And FEATURED is…..”

    1. Thank you Erika I would have Futured all of you at the same time If I could’ve! 😉 you and all the others that follow me are so great in every different ways and I am so honored and happy to be part of this wonderful community as many of you became great inspiring and encouraging friends in my daily life! 🙂

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      1. I feel so the same about my community. And you are such a wonderful part of it since you showed up the first time. This platform is such a wonderful gathering of like-minded spirits. Have a wonderful day in sunny California, Carolina!

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  1. Thanks for presenting! I know it was hard to nominate so I made it easy for you😋! Souldiergirl, Wow the creative soul of the girl shines in her name which also suggests being brave!
    I hope deserving bloggers get their space on your blog every Saturday, Its a good, NO great idea! You sure have a creative mind, Carolina! Thanks again:)
    -Say cheese

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