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Sketching Realistic Eyes

Realistic Eye
Realistic Eye

I enjoy sketching in general, this time is not one of my jewelry sketches. I am working and having fun sketching realistic eyes, it is amazing the effect that can turn out just playing with a HB #2 pencil and a couple of pastels to give a hint of color. I made this sketch pretty quickly, so it is a very rough drawing. I am planning to make some more high definition ones. If you step back a bit from your screen you will see that this eye it is pretty realistic!

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44 thoughts on “Sketching Realistic Eyes”

      1. Being having issues with my network..
        Would place my comments on your “meet and greet” when I finish replying comments 🙂
        Happy I got you close to Celona’s blog.. *big kisses*


  1. Well done. I used to draw all the time as a kid (mostly Batman), and when I got older I found that the unfinished look of a sketch is what I usually prefer rather than a finished, clean look. It’s funny you posted this because I literally just now added some sketches to the blog that I made years back using my mouse on a PC. Maybe you’ll like them. You’ll have to go to my blog and click the drop down menu and go to any of the side pages. Keep in mind it’s hard sketching with a mouse lol.


    1. Oh great! Nice to know that you did something like that! Yes I know it is very hard drawing with a mouse I used that too in the past. I am certainly curious to see your sketches I’ll go check! You have a nice artistic way to express yourself in what you always doing with your images. 🙂

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