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Soul Love 

When love is universal and can connect far away Soul Sisters without distance….Thank you Souldiergirl 🙂

Souldier Girl

I was having a hard time a few weeks back- being cut off from some people I really love for no particular reason- I fell into a slump- an unloved sad little slump. Poking around my favorite sites I saw a post by the lovely Carolina at yesterdayafter. If you don’t already know or haven’t seen (please please look) Carolina makes her own incredible jewelry. That night she had posted a Rose Quartz- did you know Rose quartz is termed the “love stone”? It’s also called the bohemian Ruby- hello! How awesome is that?!

We got to sharing about the healing properties it brings. Carolina is educated in all of this btw- she’s amazing. So she began to make me my own- she spent the week pouring soul love into this ring for me. It was not something cool I picked up at a random shop- this was made…

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      1. I need to tell you about the heart-again I am sorry I have not had more time to share with you. It has been so crazy lately and it is worse when I am not feeling well. When I saw that you included that heart-I was brought to tears-who is this woman?!-Is she really doing this for me?- This is what I was thinking. After my brother died my mom and I started seeing hearts everywhere-it was like they were literally falling from Heaven-so we decided that it was my brothers spirit sending us love. It is his symbol of love to us. When I saw that heart I could not believe it, it touched me so very much. I cherish it. I have everything saved-you are very special to me. Thank you so much.

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