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Jewels from the ocean…

The Ocean had always a meaning and great connection in my life and Art . This is a post I wrote a while ago…

Carolina Russo Art

Godly Sunset  Godly Sunset

When I was in Italy I grow up in a city on the Mediterranean sea, I could see it from my window at home. I have been always fascinated by the changing colors during the four seasons.  The sea is an element that is intimately linked with my life and identity. My watercolor paintings and Illustrations are very often inspired from beautiful  seascapes, the movement and reflection of the water. I love the dramatic light of oceans in  storm, beautiful beaches and sunsets,  including boats and harbours, ocean waves and rocky outcrops, misty landscapes, as well as beautiful underwaters fauna and flora. I love to search and look for natural found objects on the shore. There are many fascinating pieces, natural treasures that I collect.

Each piece bring me unique inspirations knowing they had many years, maybe thousands of years of underwater life before I found them, and…

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16 thoughts on “Jewels from the ocean…”

  1. You can’t keep doing this to me Carolina. The beauty of your art and words wows me more each time. In fact don’t ever stop doing this to me☺

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