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Artist to Artist Talk…SketchBooks!

Dragonfruit pink Flower copy
Ink & Watercolors

Today I am going to share tips, inspiration and insights for creative minds and inspiring spirits and I know there are many of you out there.  I like to help you to get inspired and nurture your creativity to create more of your great work during your artistic journeys.

©Magny Tjelta

SKETCHBOOKS are something essential for the evolution and growth of every artist or creative spirit.

Swirl Earrings Sketch
Swirl Earrings Sketch

You can use  sketchbooks for different purposes and if you are someone like me that likes to express and experiment with creativity in different ways, then, you want to have many of them in different sizes and paper weight, to use with any kind of media you like to work with.



Always have a sketchbook for storing ideas to develop later on and always keep one with you in your bag wherever you go. I also use one for my Poems and Haiku. Sketching is something that I always did since very young age. I always loved to doodle around on any paper I had on handy, also on paper napkins if that was the only paper available…lol
Well when an inspirational idea comes you have to be able to grab it or would be gone forever!
During my years of Art School I used to sketch a lot for Jewelry Design and for other art projects, at that time also I did lots of Fashion Design sketches which I still love to do.

Realistic Eye
Realistic Eye Sketch

I had a nice and inspiring conversation about the use of sketchbooks with my dearest friend Norwegian Artist Magny Tjelta from the beautiful BlogA Journey Into The Magic of Creativityplease give her a visit her art is beautiful!

©Magny TJelta

I was reading one of Magny latest post about Sketchbooks ideas and I had a question, which I believe many of you has when comes the time to organize your creative thoughts, so I left my question in her comments and here it is…

Hi Magny, talking about Sketchbooks I like to prompt a question here that will help others and inspire…You have beautiful sketch books! Do you have all your sketch books categorized and dedicated by subjects? Or do you just mix different subjects on each page?

Magny TJelta:
Hi Carolina,
What a great question! Sketch books are very important for developing skills, capturing ideas, trying out new things and lots more.
Firstly I have to admit that, as an artist I am always looking for bargains, and when I see a sketch book at a good price, I can’t resist buying it. I don’t always know what I will do with it, but I always have several sketch books that I am working on at any one time.
I always have one that is for “anything and everything”. I will pop this one in my bag if I am going out with no particular purpose.
I have another that is to help me push my boundaries. It is for 15 minute sketches or paintings of whatever I happen to be looking at. I will use this one at a cafe, or sitting on a bench in the park or even while I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick up my daughter. It means that even the “taxi-mom” journeys can be productive.
At the moment I also have one that is just for flowers, one for travels and holidays, one for faces and perhaps my favorite is my sketchbook for wishful thinking and dream holidays that was made from an old poetry book.

Thank you Magny for this beautiful answer to my question. I see that we do pretty much the same thing! LoL I love to buy sketchbooks anytime like you and I have many! Every occasion or sale is good to get one more…lol

Rose Quartz_mpearl earrings
Earrings Sketch

I find it very inspiring to share with others and I have a question for YOU ” how do you use your sketchbooks?” I really would like to know. I love to hear from you. I’m always pleased and interested nonetheless surprised with the wonderful ideas and insights that my readers share. Please feel free to answer and share your thoughts in the comment space.

©Magny Tjelta

I wish you a great day and maybe  this post inspired you a little…
make good use of your sketchbooks and when they are new don’t be afraid of the blanc pages….


© Copyright Carolina Russo

I love to hear from you!

36 thoughts on “Artist to Artist Talk…SketchBooks!”

  1. I agree completely! Not only for drawings but as you say they are so valuable for writing down poem lines or simply thoughts. When I am in a process of writing a book I always have my sketchbook at hands even at night. Because that process is permanent and whatever I see, hear, or experience is inspiring. I perceive it all from the topic I am writing about and it gives constant ideas. Great post, Carolina, and an inspiring conversation indeed.

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    1. Thank you Erika for your comment it is very interesting to know how you as writer use a sketchbook for taking your notes! I am totally agree when you say that “I always have my sketchbook at hands even at night. Because that process is permanent and whatever I see, hear, or experience is inspiring” as an artist I can totally relate to that too! 😉 is great to have a conversation with you too thanks for letting me know your insight ❤

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    1. Thank you Johanna I am happy to share and I know you have great sketchbooks too, for your beautiful Illustrations! Do you keep many of them? How you categorize them? It would be great to know your way let me know in the comments of this post Thanks! 😉

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  2. As a child a had a lot of sketch books and notebooks for my writings. Even now I keep a notebook on my desk near to my bed just make sure I can capture any of my thoughts or ideas. Also creating Bible verse images or short poems, Haiku, sometimes I like to use som quick drawing. It is a habit for me to keep at least a small notebook near beside me. ☺

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    1. Thanks Majka for your comment I can relate with you I have sketchbook all over around and notebooks for writing my Poems and Haiku which I like to illustrate sometimes, I am sure that you like to do the same it is nice to know about your working process thank you! ❤ 😉

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    1. Yes for writers a notebook is like a sketchbook for artists and since I do both I mostly use sketchbooks 😉 sketching is liberating you don’t have to be an artist to sketch anyone can doodle on a paper without fears it is very relaxing you should give it a try!

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  3. My art is scruffy smeared and rushed and held betwixt the pages of sumptuously bound *whispers* note books. Drawing and sketching to me is… like asking a three year old to bake a cake. I love the sketches here and can think of stories between the wings of your dragonfly, the naughty kisses and nibbled lips of a face ; but couldn’t draw it.
    Thank you for revealing your talent. 😇

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