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Sketching Realistic Eyes

Realistic Eyes
Realistic Eyes

I love illustration and I enjoy sketching in general, and this time is not one of my jewelry sketches that I use to share here  more often.  I am having fun sketching realistic eyes, it is amazing the effect that can turn out just playing with a HB #2 pencil and a couple of pastels or watercolors to give a hint of color. I made these sketches pretty quickly, so it is a very rough practice drawing and please forgive my photos that are not super great!

Realistic Eye
Realistic Eye

I am planning to make other ones more in a high definition. If you step back a bit from your screen you will see that this eye it is pretty realistic!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what do you think? 🙂


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©Copyright Carolina Russo –

31 thoughts on “Sketching Realistic Eyes”

  1. Wow! Realistic? It is full of life! I remember my art teacher explaining how adding the white patch in the pupil created magic! You have not only accomplished that deftly, in this quick sketch, but also the eye lashes trace the contours quite perfectly! I got myself away from my screen and considered it for a while, and I just got the surreal feeling as if it may blink!


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