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May The Mermaid’s Month


Ezra The Timeline Shifter

Welcome May and Happy Mother’s Day! 
Hope you all are having a wonderful day. During this month there is a lovely painting and drawing Art challenge it is MerMay the theme is Mermaids! This is a 31 days daily painting or drawing challenge, a great way to be creative. Art Challenges are good to test your skills, experiment new techniques and also to get out of block if you are in a moment of lack of inspiration. Join is fun and allow you to get in a serious every day painting routine or just to create a mermaid once a week or whenever you are able to.  Every year I am looking forward to a few Art Challenges and one of them is this one! An inspiring challenge to paint a few new mermaids to add to my “Mermaids Collection Series”. This year I am not planning to do the daily 31 days challenge but I will create some new mermaids weekly throughout this month. Last year I started a Mermaid Spiritual Series on the theme of “Awakening” I will continue on this theme this year too. I do create my own mermaids freely without follow any prompt list but if you would like to join and need a prompt list search for mermay2022 prompt list and you will find many. #MerMay is very popular between the artists community on Instagram you can also follow me there @carolinarussoart

💗 Today I am sharing the watercolor painting I made for this week for Day 5 my mermaid name is:  “Ezra The Timeline Shifter”  
I love how it turned out and I hope you do too! If you would like a Print of her, Open Edition Fine Art Prints hand enhanced are available in size 8×10 inches. I added a new feature that allow you to purchase this print right now, right here at the bottom of this post. If you have any question or request please send me a message 

Art supplies used:
 I painted with French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,  AquaBee Watercolor Paper 90lb 200gsm 100% Cotton cold pressed by BeePaper Company, Micron fine line ink pen 0.1 Black, Gold ink.

Join, create, share and use hashtags  #mermay  #mermay2022

Have a great weekend! See you soon when I create my next mermaid!

Thank You!

©Carolina Russo –

Eclipse Mermaid – MerMay2022

Open Edition Fine Art Print Signed and hand enhanced with black and gold ink. Print size: 8×10 inches Free Shipping within US


9 thoughts on “May The Mermaid’s Month”

  1. Hi,


    Lovely to see your email pop up in my inbox, I still get such joy looking at your artwork. Had them out not long ago just to look at and touch. Still need to get them framed.

    Hoping you are well and sending warm hugs for this hard time of the year. We’ll continue to make Tiny Changes.


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