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May The Mermaid’s Month


Ezra The Timeline Shifter

Welcome May and Happy Mother’s Day! 
Hope you all are having a wonderful day. During this month there is a lovely painting and drawing Art challenge it is MerMay the theme is Mermaids! This is a 31 days daily painting or drawing challenge, a great way to be creative. Art Challenges are good to test your skills, experiment new techniques and also to get out of block if you are in a moment of lack of inspiration. Join is fun and allow you to get in a serious every day painting routine or just to create a mermaid once a week or whenever you are able to.  Every year I am looking forward to a few Art Challenges and one of them is this one! An inspiring challenge to paint a few new mermaids to add to my “Mermaids Collection Series”. This year I am not planning to do the daily 31 days challenge but I will create some new mermaids weekly throughout this month. Last year I started a Mermaid Spiritual Series on the theme of “Awakening” I will continue on this theme this year too. I do create my own mermaids freely without follow any prompt list but if you would like to join and need a prompt list search for mermay2022 prompt list and you will find many. #MerMay is very popular between the artists community on Instagram you can also follow me there @carolinarussoart

💗 Today I am sharing the watercolor painting I made for this week for Day 5 my mermaid name is:  “Ezra The Timeline Shifter”  
I love how it turned out and I hope you do too! If you would like a Print of her, Open Edition Fine Art Prints hand enhanced are available in size 8×10 inches. I added a new feature that allow you to purchase this print right now, right here at the bottom of this post. If you have any question or request please send me a message 

Art supplies used:
 I painted with French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle,  AquaBee Watercolor Paper 90lb 200gsm 100% Cotton cold pressed by BeePaper Company, Micron fine line ink pen 0.1 Black, Gold ink.

Join, create, share and use hashtags  #mermay  #mermay2022

Have a great weekend! See you soon when I create my next mermaid!

Thank You!

©Carolina Russo –

Eclipse Mermaid – MerMay2022

Open Edition Fine Art Print Signed and hand enhanced with black and gold ink. Print size: 8×10 inches Free Shipping within US