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And for this week FEATURED is…..

Hello everyone and FEATURED for this week is:  MAGNY TJELTA

Watercolor Peony Flowers With Watercolor Leaves and Frames


Magny Tjelta
I am so excited and happy to introduce
a wonderful Contemporary Artist Magny Tjelta and her fantastic and creative Blog

– A Journey into the Magic of Creativity –

Would be on my sidebar as Feature of the week.

Magny it is a Great Artist, her creativity is amazing, and her personality is so wonderful,
she is a joy to talk and share thoughts with, on her Blog she share beautiful tutorials
and great posts very precious for other Artists, is very inspiring.
As an Artist myself, I admire her work so much, and I am happy that we crossed paths,
and I can call her friend.

I am sure that many of you already came across her Blog, and for who that hasn’t yet please
give her a visit and enjoy her beautiful Art!

Have a wonderful weekend!

11 thoughts on “And for this week FEATURED is…..”

  1. I am honoured and flattered and even a little embarrassed with your glowing review and nomination for the award.

    Needless to say, I am a big fan, not just of your work, but also of your very friendly, personal and open way. This must be your Italian heart shining through.

    Thank you,


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      1. Same pinch. I too do mostly watercolors. But I’m stuck right now. I’m in India and not finding good set of colors. I’m having student grade currently 😦


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