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Self Portrait – Day 5 #WorldWatercolorMonth


Day #5 - Self Portrait
Day #5 – Self Portrait – Original Watercolor © Carolina Russo

– Self Portrait –
Day #5 World Watercolor Month


This is Day#5 of the World Watercolor Month  today I had no time to paint but still I want to post one of my  watercolor and not miss the day. I decided then to post my “Self Portrait” 😉 the only self-portrait I ever made! I painted  it in April for the National DNA Day.  So, this is me! I guess the watercolor is pretty close to my profile photo! I like and enjoy to paint faces and lately I am painting often whimsical faces often with flowers and animals  and experiment new ways doing it.

Details about my watercolor:

watercolor outlined with black and brown ink pens. I used  French Artists Watercolors  Sennelier  l’Aguarelle 12 demi-godets half-pans travel metal box  and Pigma Micron Black ink #005 and Brown #01. Painted over a mixed media Sketchbook!
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Happy July wish you all a great month!

©Carolina Russo
©Carolina Russo

©Copyright Carolina Russo –

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