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Digital Art – Light and Darkness

Portrait #5 - Light and Darkness
Portrait #5 – Light and Darkness


“The story in your eyes needs to be unfold, so that I can touch your grief and make it faint…”
Words from the song “The last Poem” – Ewian


Digital Portraits Collection Portrait #5
– Light and Darkness –

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Digital Art ©Carolina Russo


Disclaimer: I respect the Copyrights and Rights of the photos that are not mine. Credits for the photos I used to create this portrait that are not mine goes to their respective owners. The finished portrait created as result of blending, layering and manipulating the photos used, it is my own creation and Digital Artwork and has my Copyright© Carolina Russo.
Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission.

31 thoughts on “Digital Art – Light and Darkness”

  1. His Carolina, Sorry I’ve been such a heel lately I’ve been struggling to keep up with a lot of things.
    Hope your well and as always I love your digital artwork.
    Love Rich😘

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    1. Hi Rich I know those days are busy days I had struggle to keep up too! This Saturday I haven’t post the Featured of the week because Erika surprised me she Featured ME!!! ;-)))) so I gave myself the Featured spot since I reblogged Erika beautiful post! ❤

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